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Author Topic: JLW + Paradise Arcade 10mm Stainless Shaft + 'Wico' Balltop  (Read 3154 times)

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JLW + Paradise Arcade 10mm Stainless Shaft + 'Wico' Balltop
« on: March 26, 2013, 12:25:58 am »
So I'm in the process of redesigning my system... I've been buying joysticks galore trying to find an 8 way that just the right mix.

Leaf or No Leaf... well that IS the question. Wico's leafs still remain my favorite all-around stick and I compare everything to them.  I decided no leaf this time around.  I have no compelling reason for leaf sticks on my MAME cab.  I've given up on creating the perfect set of controls for all the games I like... quite simply its a disjointed set and can't be done so the leaf switch argument goes out the window for me.  My original MAME cab used P360s... which are awesome but are really springy.

So that leaves me with a myriad of choices... none of which are even close to a Wico leaf... so I decided to play around with the Japanese style sticks this time, you all know... J this J that...whatever.  So I bought a bunch of them.

Long story short... I decided "I" liked the feel of the JLW the best.  It felt sturdy and tight.  JLFs are great too but were a little too nimble for my taste and Siemitsu sticks were just too sloppy.  Again "my opinon" is that the for Japanese sticks the JLW is really the closest to a classic 'arcade' type stick.  Most of the Japanese sticks are just a little more light weight than the classic beefy arcade stick back in the day.  Yes I get it ... times have changed and you want a more sensitive stick (fighter games and whatnot)... whatever... I still like the sturdiness of the good ol' fashioned arcade stick... (yeah yeah Wico, Monroe I know).  In the end I felt JLW seems to come about as close as you can get. (just plug your ears... they click a bit ;) )

JLW is great for me... so done!  Well not quite... back to my 'cheesy'-ness quality of the Japanese stick as compared to days of yore... The sticks are chrome... I'm not a huge fan.  To me the chrome looks cheap.  The shafts are a little smaller in diameter, and the ball-tops... don't even get me started.  Most stock ball tops have a nasty seam and they are 35mm which gives them that wimpy look and feel.   

So I took a peek over to paradisearcadeshop, Brian always has a nice mix of fun stuff over there...Lo and behold ... I've found exactly what I wanted to make these sticks what they can be...

Brian has a 1.5" Wico ball top with 10mm threads... and he ALSO has the hollow stainless 10mm shaft.  Let me tell you this really beefs up this stick.

Compare the two... the stock stick with red balltop is on the left..  The shaft diameter really makes a diff although you can't see it in this photo.

Now look at the shaft diameter, its 10mm which really adds to the beefy-ness of the stick AND its not polished chrome (which I like)

I swapped out the square restrictor plate for a round one... (if I'm not playing a 4 way game... I don't do restriction).

To me this to me is totally worth it... however it is a wee pricey when you add it all up... stick ($22) + shaft ($15) + top ($6) = $43

I've never had a bad experience with any vendor on these forums and Brian at ParadiseArcadeShop is no exception.  His shipping (FROM HAWAII) is wicked reasonable and he has some great products.  Take some time and visit his store you might find what you are looking for... I sure did.
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