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Author Topic: Troubleshooter 2: Shoot Harder  (Read 44866 times)

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Re: Troubleshooter 2: Shoot Harder
« Reply #280 on: July 28, 2016, 10:53:40 pm »
Trying to set it up now. Got demul working, dolphin kind of does. Imvstill trying to figure it out.


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Re: Troubleshooter 2: Shoot Harder
« Reply #281 on: August 29, 2016, 10:03:34 am »
I'm having trouble finding a copy of TS2. The original website is down - does anyone have a mirror I could download from?


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Re: Troubleshooter 2: Shoot Harder
« Reply #282 on: August 29, 2016, 01:36:21 pm »
Here`s one from my dropbox, if you havent found it somewhere else already.



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Re: Troubleshooter 2: Shoot Harder
« Reply #283 on: October 22, 2018, 05:42:19 pm »
Anyone had manage to make this work in Virtual On Cybertroopers model 2? I got TS hooked but still uses the controls from model 2 and not overriding the keys.


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Re: Troubleshooter 2: Shoot Harder
« Reply #284 on: September 09, 2019, 09:11:35 pm »

I am in this old topic to reply about Virtual On, trouble shooter 2, and sega model 2 emulator.
This will be a full guide on how to get two-player, single computer virtual-on setup working and all the caveats that the internet doesn't provide answers for.

Specifically, how to JUMP in virtual on.

1.) Trouble shooter 2 was coded around 2013-2014. The latest sega model 2 emulator is ~2016. It turns out the first step to any of this working is to find Sega Model 2 version 1.0 named "M2Emulator1.0" in the sega model 2 sites archives. The latest version will allow Troubleshooter 2 to launch, and TS2 will show inputs, but not actually send them to the newest version. So officially step 1 is get version 1.0 of sega model 2.
2.) Retrieve 'TS2_1.2' or troubleshooter 2, from google.
3.) You require 'vbrun60sp6.exe' which is visual basic runtime version 6. Simply googling this EXE will give you the direct download from Microsofts site. Without this you'll have Active X errors. Install this EXE from google.
4.)  You require 'dx8vb.dll' which is the direct X 8 library. This is included in the DXNT.CAB file. IF you google 'DirectX End-User Runtimes' and grab those packages, it should be included. Once you have this zip file, unzip it somewhere. My mistake was dragging the .dlls into the system 32 folder on my windows 7 machine. When I restarted days later I had corrupt drivers and couldn't boot back into my machine until I swapped harddrives and removed them. Don't let that scare you. you can simply install them outside of system 32 folder.
- Open the start menu
- Search for powershell and open it. should be blue command window
- Type in these commands:
cd C:\virtual on\dxnt
regsvr32 "C:\virtual on\dxnt\dx8vb.dll"

- Simply change the directory to your directory location
For more help, specifically 'directx_jun2006_redist.exe' is what you want to install for direct x. and 'VB6.0-KB290887-X86.exe' is what you want to install for VB6.0

Installing DX8vb, vbrun60sp6.exe and having version 1.0 of the segamodel 2 emulator should resolve pretty much every problem found on google with troubleshooter 2 not working with Virtual on. You may proceed to follow other guides on TS2 configuration etc.

For two player coop on the same machine you will need to create a file 'm2network.ini' into your sega model 2 emulator folder. It's contents should be:

You may change the ports. But specifys its ont he same machine. And your first port should be unique and available. And your next port will play into the next part.

You need to have two folders, one for player 1 , and one for player 2. My setup is as follows.
Virtual on\
Virtual on\player 1
Virtual on\player 1\m2emulator 1.0\m2network.ini
Virtual on\player 1\m2emulator 1.0\
Virtual on\player 1\TS2_1.2\

Virtual on\player 2
Virtual on\player 2\m2emulator 1.0\m2network.ini
Virtual on\player 2\m2emulator 1.0\
Virtual on\player 2\TS2_1.2\

I install TS2 and M2Emulator twice. The only difference being the ports inside the .ini should reference eachother. So, the m2network.ini for player 2 is:

If you get:
"The module.... was loaded but the call to DLL registerse3rver failed error 0x80070005
Then you are an idiot (this is my note calling me an idiot because i did this), run setup for ts2 (and everything really) as ADMIN.

I will add this. Virtual on needs the start buttons, but you cannot map them to Joybuttons within the TS2 GUI. For some reason you can map pretty much every button except start and coin. I have found that the config files let you change these, as they default to -1.

virtual on\virtual on\player 1\TS2_1.2\joycfg\von.ini
and coinbutton too if you didn't go into the settings of sega model 2 to change it to free to play.
Do not forget to do this for player 2 as well.

When you first launch the Sega Model 2 emualtor as both player 1 and player 2, you have to press F2/F1 to navigate to its BIOs setup screen.
onetime setup instructions for this:
1.) LAunch sega model 2 and load VON
2.) Press F2
3.) Navigate with F1 to GAME assignments.
4.) Press F2 to navigate to 'network link attribute' and make one MASTER, and other SLAVE.
everything else in the BIOS screens needs to be identical for your games to sync up. I recommend doing a full setup of player 1 bios, and copying the whole segamodel 2 folder to 'player 2'.
Then after you copy, change the port in the network INI, and you will be golden and free of config mistakes. Just make sure TS2 gets installed on both locations as well.

Unrelated, if you are a super powershell programmer, I created a script that manipulates windows 'window' API to remove border, and menu from a process and changes its positioning and it's size to effectively
1.) Launch two sega model 2s
2.) Load VON
3.) have both windows take up your entire screen on each monitor. erase borders and menus to 'look' completely full screen without actually being so (think two windows borderless full screen apps).
You can decipher this work here:

Another Caveat with networking I've experienced is if I boot both emulators up in any order, One will say 'MASTER' and another 'SLAVE' but they freeze on this screen. I 100% every time, have to press F2 which brings me to the bios of both emulators, then I press F2 again to leave the bios. This somehow syncs up the emulators and they will join eachother 100% of the time after doing this step. You may get away with just F3 for refresh as well. You should be able to map these to joy buttons too in the 'joycfg\von.ini'
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Re: Troubleshooter 2: Shoot Harder
« Reply #285 on: October 11, 2019, 12:32:16 am »
Has anyone been able to get this running in win10? Just trying to get the House of the Dead 2 PC version working.  Got the DX8 dll registered, configured the empire edition of HOTD2 and I get the following when running "ts2.exe thotd2emp" as administrator:

Run-time error '9':
Subscript out of range