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Author Topic: TASKI Profi -- Great Cleaner!  (Read 4667 times)

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TASKI Profi -- Great Cleaner!
« on: July 12, 2011, 07:08:44 pm »

-- A little background info on how I came into trying TASKI Profi --

I picked up two "non-working" Model H skeeball machines last month. I was told both were complete machines with minor problems. Once I laid eyes on them, I realised they were in much worse shape than I had imagined and extremely dirty. Well, the other week I finally put one together to try to get it working. Turns out the only thing mechanically wrong with it was a 50 Centavos piece from Honduras stuck in the coin mech. The coin reject button was missing from the machine and guess the guy never thought to look in the coin mech. Once that coin was out, the game was ready to play!

Any way, the cork carpet on the lane and scoring area was DIRTY. So bad I even considered replacing it, which is about $250 just for one lane and not the scoring area (I only paid $150 for both machines). After casually searching the net a few days for some cheap cork carpet, I came across someone who had asked what was best to clean the stuff, and the answer they received was TASKI Profi (turns out it is even recommended on the manufacturer's FAQs). So I started looking into this TASKI Profi, and found out that it is a cleaner for rubber floors. The only quantities I could find of it were in gallon jugs, I was hoping to find it in a quart size though. Not a whole lot of places have it for sale either (on the internet anyway). I ended up getting a gallon off of ebay for about $44 shipped (thought that was a little steep at the time), and it just showed up yesterday.

I had some time this afternoon to try it out. Following the directions, I diluted 4 ounces of TASKI Profi with 1 gallon of water. It has a smell, but is not fumey. Wearing gloves (the label warns not to get it on your skin or in your eyes), I dipped a corner of a shop rag into the solution and rubbed the heaviest soiled spot on the lane. To my amazement, the black lifted up almost effortlessly! So I soaked the rag and went to town. I also found that a soft bristled brush (in my case, a toothbrush) helps pick up the dirt from the nooks and crannies. I tried it on the yellow side rail plastic and it pulled up dirt, grime, adhesive, and old gum no problem! I went over a sticker and it didn't lift up the printing either.

I should have taken some before pics of what I cleaned, but I wasn't expecting these kinds of results. But my other machine is a good comparison for how dirty this one was.

Scoring area before:

Scoring area after:

Back stop before:

Back stop after:

Lane before (this was the actual lane I cleaned):

Lane after:

TASKI Profi did a great job cleaning up this skeeball machine! The soiled areas are faintly visible, but the difference before and after is night and day. I would say it pulled up about 98% of the dirt and grime from the cork carpet. If I had spent more time on it and had a brush bigger than a toothbrush, more would have come up.

Skeeball owners, BUY THIS! You will be glad you did.