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Author Topic: Button Jukebox w/ SKJukebox  (Read 2655 times)

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Button Jukebox w/ SKJukebox
« on: February 02, 2011, 08:08:15 pm »
I dont know if I have posted this or not (I did a search and nothing came up). I made this in August 2009 and dont know why I didnt post it!

I made it for my mother-in-law ( :angry:). Its made 100% out of scrap/left over parts ( :cheers:) from other projects. No real design on paper, I just made it on the fly!


I used an old 15" CRT monitor
Left over 3/4" MDF
Left over 3/4" Chrome T-Molding
14 Arcade buttons
4 Triangle Buttons from Happ
1 Rectangle button from Happ
1 Set of JBL monitor speakers
1 25 watt PC Subwoofer
1 Pentium 3 computer with 512mb of PC133 memory
SK Jukebox
Windows XP Pro (yes, legal copy)

If I bought the parts for this project, it would reach around $300 (US).

I made it so the screensaver would kick in after 2 minutes using the regular WinXP photo screensaver. You can use the arrows to to move the pics back and forth (she really loves this).

I didnt label the buttons but I did make a diagram of the buttons and what they do and when to use them. The black buttons are numbered 1-5 on top and 6-0 on the bottom. The big rectangle button is the 'Play' or enter button. Right and left arrows shuffle the albums. The up and down arrows control volume. Red button cancels the current track, the orange button is Pause. The white button to the left of the rectangle button gets you out of the screen saver. The white button to the right gets you back to the album shuffle from the song select screen.

SK jukebox works great for this type of jukebox and no issues with it for over a year and a half!

It sounds great!



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