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Author Topic: empty street fighter 2 cabinet for sale...MAME  (Read 2774 times)

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empty street fighter 2 cabinet for sale...MAME
« on: May 13, 2002, 04:15:36 pm »
sup people..
here is the deal>>>
i bought 2 street fighter cabinet to MAIM them and sell it..i sold one on ebay and i still have another cabinet..
its empty with no coin can easyly get coin door 15..20$ on comes with 1 brand new happ joystick and the other side has no can buy a joystick then add..there is street fighter 2 metal control panel all ready..alll you gotta do is get some new buttons and 1 joystick and you are ready to maim the cabinet..MUST pick up from new york city....
it also come with 19" monitor bezel,marvel super heros marque,bulbs are working...very stable cabinet...i painted it recently...AGAIN must pick up from NEW YORK CITY...i am asking atleast 100$ for it..cuz if you buy 2 big pieces of woods then there goes your 100$ then you must buy other stuff to make the cabinet....100$ is cheap but only downside:must pick up...i will only take picture and send to whom if you live in new york city and can come pick up then please email..

if someone looking for complete mame cabinet then i can also do that..cuz i got a 19" super vga arcade monitor...i got a coin door and i got spare 800mhz ...looking for COMPLETE MAME CABINET>> and live in new york city...please email me...

anybody has any interest please parents are going nuts over the empty cabinet....because i have my own  27" cabinet and a please reply with any serious buyer.thanks  ;D ;D ;D
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