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Author Topic: WG K6100 and Amplifone compatible ?  (Read 2088 times)

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WG K6100 and Amplifone compatible ?
« on: February 24, 2008, 04:49:06 am »
OK, I'm trying to write this as simple and efficient as possible. A friend has two Star Wars machines:

1) Upright, 19" Amplifone 19" CRT, blue HV pcb, green deflection PCB. All serial numbers are different so there's been a lot of hacking around.
-100% working PCB set

2) Cockpit. Amplifone 25" CRT, with a WG6100 chassis. ( I am pretty sure it's an "Amplifone CRT", because it has the same label as the one in my cockpit.
- 100% DEAD PCB set

Now the upright is working, although not without problems (jittery picture, problems with starting up). It has the original red HVT so this could be acting up. But at least it works...

The cockpit was completely dead. My friend said it worked for a day, then died. I replaced the PCB set with the one from the upright, and now we had a half-picture on the CRT.

Since I've read that the Amplifone and 6100 should be interchangeable I suggested to move the Amplifone boards to the cockpit. We did. I made one mistake (thinking back about it now) and that was not hooking up the dag-ground. I also did not connect the degaussing because it has a different connector and I thought that was not important for testing it.

When I turned it on, we had no picture, and there was a small bit of smoke coming from the deflection board. Instantly turned it off again. I couldn't see any obviously fried component.

Put the Amplifone boards back into the upright and got it working again does have some starting up problems, but I bet this it a bad Big Blue. It kinda "hicked" up until it worked...

1) are the Amplifone "chassis" and WG6100 completely exchangeable ? All the connectors are the same (except the degaussing)
2) could that smoke be happening because the dag ground not being connected ?
3) what part could have been smoking (the board still works !)
4) does the 25" CRT draw more current than the 19" (HVT/Deflection wise) ? I am also asking this because the HV board doesn't have the usual extra resistors to deliver the higher required currents for the SW game.I bet this HV board came from stock or another game.
5) I checked all chassis transistors on the WG chassis. Any other cause for it to only draw the top-half of the screen ?


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