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Author Topic: Mamewah All Games in one List  (Read 19461 times)

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Mamewah All Games in one List
« on: September 03, 2007, 04:27:03 am »
I created this method because I was tired of having so many layouts with Mamewah. The only way to get games running at full speed was to install many emulators:

CPS1 and CPS2 =Nebula
Winkawaks = Neogeo
Modeler = System 32
Raine =    Arcade         
Mame37b16 =  Everything
Pmame59      that's
Fastmame 71    left
Fastmame 84

That's 8 emulators which means 8 layouts! And that doesn't include the console stuff.
So this is what I came up with.
(I want to publicly thank NOP of RomLister fame for txt2dat. Thanks Man!)

Install Shalom Txt
DriveZ (doesn't need to be installed)
txt2dat (doesn't need to be installed)
DivShare File -

In order for this to work properly each emulator's roms has to be in seperate folder. Mame roms in one folder, Winkawaks roms in another folder etc..

First you must choose a MASTER EMULATOR. I suggest you choose the emulator with the most roms. Since most of my roms run with mame37b16 that's going to be my MASTER EMULATOR.

Making roms lists:
1. Double click on DriveZ.exe
2. Put a checkmark on Explorer Context Menus, Files, and Remove Extension then close it.

3. Go to your first rom folder. Right click on it and and select DriveZ

4. Double Click on your roms folder then click on "Make list and put it on Clipboard"

5. Create a New Text Document. And name it "nameofemu roms list" without the quotes of  course
Open it. Right click inside of it and select paste. You should have a list of  all your roms.
Repeat these steps for every emulator you  want to include. Now take all the lists and put them
inside the MASTER EMULATORS game folder. In my case C:\videogames\mamewah_v162b13\config\mame37\game
(if it's not there create it)

6. Now you have to create one ini file for every emulator whose roms you did earlier.  EXCEPT FOR THE MASTER EMULATOR'S ROM FOLDER
Open emulator1.ini and and modify it for your first emulator. example:

### emulator1.ini (mamewah v1.62) ###

### Execution Settings ###
emulator_commandline                      C:\videogames\fastmame71\fastmame.exe [name]{nodosbox}

Now put emulator1.ini inside your MASTER EMULATORS game folder. In my case I put emulator1.ini inside C:\videogames\mamewah_v162b13\config\mame37\game

7. Now we have to create a bat file so we open Shalom TXt and open the first rom list. Now click on Edit>Select All. Then click on Tools

Then  select Add to each line. Under "Put this in front of each line" type "copy emulator1.ini " (without the quotes and include a space after ini) and under Add this to the end of each line type ".ini" (without the quotes) and click on apply. If it looks like the screenshot click ok.

Click on File>Save as.. nameofemu roms list.bat (make sure Save as Type is set to All Files (*.*) )

8. Take the bat file and put it in the MASTER EMULATORS game folder (if it isn't already there) and double click on it. In a few seconds your folder should be filled with ini files.

Now in order for this to work you must now take all the roms in the list you created and put them together with your master emu's roms. So in my case I take all my roms from E:\videogames\fastmame71\roms and move them to E:\videogames\mame37\roms.
Now I go to fastmame71's folder and modify fastmame.ini (mame.ini) with the new path.
So it goes from this: rompath                 E:\videogames\fastmame71\roms
To this          : rompath                 E:\videogames\mame37\roms

Now to see if it worked. Open mamewah>Select Platform>Master Emu>Game Lists Options>Generate List
As you can see. I went from 729 to 895. Test the newly added games to see if it worked.

For "list generation method" I use rom_folder_vs_dat_file with my mame37 dat file. So if a rom's name was changed or if any roms were added after mame37 it's not going to appear in the list. So the only way to resolve this is by creating a MASTER DAT FILE

So first we go here and download the dat files for all our emulators (cm only)
Mame and more Recent Emulators
Mame 36-118
Older emulators (Modeler, System 16 etc..)

Double click on txt2dat

1. Click on Browse and choose our MASTER EMULATOR'S rom list

2. We click on the Second Browse button and choose out MASTER EMULATOR'S dat file

3. We click on the 3rd Browse button and name it MASTER DAT and click on Save

4. Click on the GO button (there's no indication  or progress meter)
Wait a minute or so for the process to finish. Go to the folder where you saved it
Right click on it and choose properties. Make a mental note of the size. If it isn't 0kb in size it worked.

Repeat the process from above but this time on the 3rd step we choose the dat file we just created
Press the Go button. Wait a minute or so for the process to finish. Go to the folder where you saved it
Right click on it and choose properties. If it's bigger than before it worked.
After you've done this with all your dat files you should have a MASTER DAT FILE.

Open your MASTER EMULATOR'S ini file and change "list_generation_method" to rom_folder_vs_dat_file
And then point "dat_file" to the MASTER DAT you just created.
Open Mamewah and go to your MASTER EMULATORS Layout go into options>Game List Options>Generate List
If all went well you should have all your games in one list.

It's important not to get rid of the rom lists in case you decide you want to seperate the roms again
Open a list with Shalom Txt, click on Edit Select All then Tools
Under "Put this in front of each line" type "move " without the quotes and with a space in front of move
Under "Add this to the End of Each line" type ".zip C:\Moved
Click Apply

Go to the very top of the list and type MKDIR C:\Moved
Click on File>Save As and name it emulatornameroms.bat and put it on the roms folder.
Double click on it and it will create a folder named Moved in the C:\ drive and move all the roms in the bat there.

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Re: Mamewah All Games in one List
« Reply #1 on: August 06, 2010, 10:28:39 am »
I know this is an old post but the images you have posted don't work.

Anyway you get get them back up?
-Nic Ballarini
Ultimate PC