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Author Topic: Instructions for the "NOT A PROJECT" image threads.  (Read 8850 times)

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Instructions for the "NOT A PROJECT" image threads.
« on: May 12, 2021, 10:37:04 am »
I think it would help to post instructions like that at the top each time a new thread for posting images is created.
Good point.   :cheers:

This thread is for discussion about what instructions/examples should be included in the OP of those threads so it's easier for forum members to understand and use.

Seems like topics to cover would include:
- Purpose of the thread.
- Problems with 3rd party hosting.
-- When to upload here vs. when 3rd party hosting is OK.
- Resizing and/or cropping images.
-- Ultra-high-res pics.
-- Avoid forum software limitations with EXIF rotation.
-- False security check fail workaround.
- How to attach images/files to a post.
-- How to get the URL of an attached image/file.
- Using IMG tags.
-- Using Height= and/or Width= modifiers.
-- "Click on image for full size" trick.

Some related posts to draw from/remix:

I get the feeling those pictures are stretched out.  Like that first panel can't really be that wide can it?  To fix that I usually edit the post and type in the right width and height values for the image link.

G'day whines, I'm posting a 'How to post images in your project' so that your images will look perfect every time.  Direct posting images in any thread is easy yes, but the more pro way to do it is in the instructions.  They will load faster and saint won't have to invest in even more Terabytes of storage too soon.  :) The 10 steps may look involved but once you get used to it it's really quick.  I open two tabs in my browser to make it even quicker.

Steps to post pictures in your project thread:
1.   Store your original images in a folder on your pc C:\users\user\pictures\MyProject\cab_01.jpg
2.   Resize your images in MSPaint to around 1000 x 562 px
3.   Save the resized image into a folder in your MyProject folder e.g. C:\users\user\pictures\MyProject\low_res\cab_01.jpg
4.   Open the thread for storing images on the forum,164992.40.html
5.   Start a new post by clicking the Reply button, you will need to type something in the post for it to work, even just a character will do.
6.   Click ‘Attachments and other options’ at the bottom of the post and browse to the folder on your PC with your re-sized images in it.  You can add up to eight attachments in one post.
7.   When you have added all the images you want click the Post button.
8.   In your new post, right click any image and choose ‘Copy image link’
9.   Go to your project thread on the forum and in your latest post, click the ‘Insert Image’ icon just above the text window.
10.   Paste the link you copied in the middle of the code to look like this:

You could add sizing edits as Gilrock suggests but just re-sizing and saving in MSPaint will remove any weird formatting in the image and fix distortion issues.

The forum's image handling plugin has trouble automatically handling links to images over 1024 pixels wide/tall that have EXIF rotation.

Fortunately you can use "width=" or "height=" values of less than 1025 or the correct ratio of "width=" to "height=" for 1025 or greater to make those images display properly like Gilrock suggests (readers can click on the image for full size like the example below -- a great method that combines less scrolling to read thru the thread and more image detail when desired) and/or you can resize them before uploading like Ond suggests.

Code: [Select]
[img width=250];topic=165067.0;attach=387853;image[/img]

Lots of great old build threads like Knievel's Woody are missing the photos because they were hosted on a 3rd party site instead of here.

The purpose of these "NOT A PROJECT" threads is to ensure that photos hosted on a 3rd party server aren't lost if the company goes out of business or changes policy (like Photobucket), the URL isn't changed when the company moves to new servers, people don't accidently reorganize/rename their photos on the other server (breaking the links), people don't abandon their domain hosting, etc., etc. . . . and IIRC it makes it easier for Saint to do some of the server-side functions like backups.

The process is generally:
1. Post the image in this thread using the "Attachments and other options" menu below the text edit box.

2. Open that post, right-click on the image, and copy image link/URL.
- For DaOld Man's last picture post, the URL is
Code: [Select];topic=164992.0;attach=387559;image
3. Embed the image URL in your project post using IMG tags ( icon) and optional height/width modifiers.
Code: [Select]
[img width=300];topic=164992.0;attach=387559;image[/img]

I know that sometimes the forum software throws a false security check fail when you try to post a pic, but if you resize the pic by about 3-5% it should pass the security check.
- It's a bit of a pain, but better in the long run than risking problems with 3rd party hosting.

If you have 80 photos currently hosted on a 3rd party and 25 of them are crucial to understanding/duplicating your build process, please upload at least those 25 photos here.   ;D

What do you guys think?   ;D



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Re: Instructions for the "NOT A PROJECT" image threads.
« Reply #1 on: April 10, 2022, 06:37:13 pm »
What do you guys think?   ;D

I think you should fix the security check thing, talkin about killing motivation to update a project thread
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