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Author Topic: BYOAC HATS AVAILABLE! TAKING ORDERS  (Read 1988 times)

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« on: July 31, 2003, 05:19:56 pm »
After getting to go ahead from Saint, orders are now being taken for BYOAC hats. Woo hoo!!  The attached image shows the available colors in 2 - count 'em TWO different stylish options. Style #1 is a two tone cap (with contrasting color under the bill) and a flip buckle. Style #2 is a solid color with a slide buckle. Prices are the same for either. PLEASE NOTE THAT THE TEXT AND LOGOS ON THESE IMAGES ARE ROUGH PHOTOSHOP COMPOSITES  TO SIMULATE THE LOGO SIZE AND POSITION WHICH WILL VARY (VERY) SLIGHTLY FROM THESE IMAGES. Obviously the final type and logos will be properly centered. :P

The BYOAC text and url on the back can be either BLUE (as shown) or YELLOW.

We need 20 orders to go forward. At this quantity hats would be $16.75 each. This covers the cost of the hat, setup, and embroidery, front and back. The more hats in the final production run the cheaper each will be. The cost will drop until it reaches $13.80 ea for a total run of 48 hats. After that we'll get  bulk discounts and I'll requote the lower prices accordingly.

I'll take orders in advance and determine the final price once production begins. So the most a hat would cost is $16.75 but the price should come down based on final quantity. These prices don't include shipping, which should run $1.50 - $2.

All of these prices are at my cost - there's no markup.

To order, PM me or email me at

When ordering you've GOTTA specify the following:

1:   HAT STYLE (#1 or #2) (if you do not specify a style, I'll pick it for you)
2:   HAT COLOR (if you do not specify a hat color, you'll get a random one)
3:   TEXT COLOR (if you do not specify text color I will use whichever looks best on the hat)

These hats have nothing whatsoever to do with the upcoming BYOAC t-shirt, whose design is still undetermined.

If anyone knows of an embroiderer who can produce these for less (and still provide quality hats and top qualtiy embroidery), please let me know and prices will be adjusted accordingly.
Project mega thread HERE


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« Reply #1 on: July 31, 2003, 05:43:35 pm »
I'm going to sticky and lock this.  He's taking PM's and emails for this :)


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