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Author Topic: Pi-Vantage  (Read 1313 times)

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« on: March 04, 2015, 01:30:36 pm »
My inspirations for this build was ChanceKJ's  Supper Playchoice.

I'm loving this idea.

I have a broken NES advantage sitting in a box at my parents house. Perhaps I should do the poor mans version of this with a R-pi and liminit it to the old two button or less systems (Atari 2600, NES, Sega master system, game boy advanced, and so on). The fact that the older systems need less processing power to emulate lends its self will to the limits of the R-Pi.

That was before the R-pi 2. For now I'll be sticking to what I have, a Model B v2.

I had planned on adding a USB wifi dongle, portable cell phone back up battery to power the Pi, and have all the connectors come out through the original wire hole. But after getting may hands on the thing, that plan is out for this Advantage. It would be cooler in a lot of ways but it felt like I was going to hack apart a part of my childhood. If it was broken like the one I have in storage, somewhere at my parents house, I would be sticking to the original plan.

The new plan is to put the Teensy USB Dev Board between the original internal board and one of the two NES controller lines. The Advantage has a switch to change between P1 and P2, these correspond with two mail controller cords. This was so you could take turns in two player games with out unplugging. I will leave P1 as is and hack the P2 by simple adding the Teensy internal and putting a USB in place of the NES mail head.

I will be 3D printing a R-pi NES case. I think I like This one, but am open to other models.

If I could I'd print or make a female NES port the the unmodified advantage could plug into and just have the Teensy in the case. If any one has any Ideas on how I can do this, with out ordering a NES to USB adapter cable. I'm in Tanzania so shipping is not usually a realistic option.

I had a working NES Advantage I won on ebay, a Teensy both (brought over by my mother in-Law) and the R-pi.
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