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Author Topic: Wiring issues, how to test/troubleshoot?  (Read 457 times)

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Wiring issues, how to test/troubleshoot?
« on: October 07, 2006, 03:19:08 pm »

My cab has been finished for quite awhile with very little issues.  Sometimes, however, some controls will just stop responding.  There's obviously some sort of wiring issue as it will sometimes be a group of buttons that will stop responding at once.  So I'll pop open the control panel and dig in.  Sometimes, one of the ground wires will have popped out and reseating it in the clip and reconnecting will bring everything back to life.  Other times, I'm constantly checking grounding wires (player 1's daisy-chain together and player 2's daisy-chain together as well).  What can I do to help troubleshoot this?  I have a multimeter, but I'm not sure how to do use it to see where the short is occurring.  Is there a guide/faq somewhere on these boards (or elsewhere) that can help me pinpoint the problems?  It gets really frustrating sometimes to fix one area of controls, only to have another area (that was working properly), just stop responding.  Seems like when this happens, I'm contantly fixing one, which then breaks another, repeat. 




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Re: Wiring issues, how to test/troubleshoot?
« Reply #1 on: October 07, 2006, 04:38:15 pm »
Certainly just sounds like a ground problem.

Sounds like your wires are loose in your connectors.  I'd either retighten those or, better yet, electrical tape 'em good into the connectors.  If you give a good once through on this, you shouldn't have to do it again.  Also, be sure to check the point to which your grounding stuff and be sure that's secure, too.