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Water Damage base repair - Generic BnB cabinet

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Final pic after paint. It's a bit dusty, but the patch is all good.

Edit: I forgot to mention... I used plastic filler (bondo) for the seam fill and a longboard for sanding the joint between the old and new to a flat uniform surface. A longboard is just a 16" long sandpaper holder used for automotive bodywork. Real cheap to pick up and great for getting flat uniform surfaces. You want to sand at an angle across the joint, longways to get to flat, and then sand with the grain to get rid of sanding scratches. I used a fairly heavy primer to help fill blemishes as well. A good friend sprayed the black for me with an airless :D It was the easiest paintjob I have done yet :P

Great tutorial thread on how to repair a damaged cab.  You are right on about having the correct tools for the job.  Sure makes you life easier..

We have a board for Hall of Fame cabinets, we need one for Hall of Fame posts.  Almost a Board for nothing but FAQ's and then lock the thread.  This is one of the posts that belong in something like that.



I hadn't noticed this until you mentioned it elsewhere... this is awesome.  Sticky worthy, IMO.  Thanks for doing it.


--- Quote from: ChadTower on February 21, 2006, 10:44:18 am --- Sticky worthy, IMO. 
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Thanks for the comments and sticky!

I may add some more pics and detail in the future to this one, and look for future write-ups on other fun aspects of conversion-to-mame builds.



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