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Author Topic: Control Panel Viewer running on raspberry pi?  (Read 4479 times)

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Control Panel Viewer running on raspberry pi?
« on: February 25, 2021, 04:32:25 pm »
Years ago I used which read the controls.ini file and would show an image of my control panel with the buttons used by each game. It was simple and it worked. I've not moved my setup to run off of a raspberry pi 3b and looking for something similar that will run outside of Xwindows (I am using advanemame which uses SDL). Is there anything that comes close to this?


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Re: Control Panel Viewer running on raspberry pi?
« Reply #1 on: March 10, 2021, 03:31:57 pm »

Gives me an idea though. I use AttractMode for my front-end (which runs outside of X). The layout system of AM is very flexible, and it has a pretty robust set of tools for reading and writing files. For instance, I recently wrote a module for it that parses MAME layouts files and displays the bezels and such with the AM layout. I also have a module that relatively positions content within the AM layout. I could probably use some of the code I used for the MAME artwork along with the positioning module to generate a configurable controls overlay.

That said... I can't remember if ADVMame uses readable controller cfg files or not. I was thinking that last time I tried to open them it was gibberish that I couldn't easily parse. Reading the Pi's controller configuration files is pretty simple, but not sure about ADVMame. It would be easy to read controls.ini files too.

Anyway, the answer is still "Nope." But making the answer "yep" instead sounds like fun. Short term, there's not a good option on the Pi that I'm aware of.
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