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Author Topic: Replicade - Centipede 1/6 Scale Quick review  (Read 2032 times)

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Replicade - Centipede 1/6 Scale Quick review
« on: December 20, 2020, 01:08:11 am »
i got the replicade centipede 2 weeks. due to work and other things. i have been playing it on
and off during that time.

 there's nothing to note about the cabinet or the game, that hasn't been said already, by pretty much


1) quality - excellent   2) artwork - excellent 3) sound - very good   4)  price - expensive  5) weight

- light for its size 6) trackball - pea sized

2 things to note: i think default out of the box, is the initial version

a) apparently there is a battery draining issue

if you go through these steps :

i did NOT do this.
ergonomics - terrible, this is a toy, meant to be put on a shelf and looked at and not played seriously

start buttons - miniscule

fire button - miniscule

trackball - tiny

spacing - is scale to arcade, but here, feels very cramped, and for an adult trying to use the

'trackball' is futile, because your fingers have no place to rest

gameplay thoughts

week 1
i had a ton of problems trying to figure out how to hold it in a way to play it,
and could never get comfortable. sometimes my right hand couldn't quite move
the trackball quickly enough.

other times, my left fingers couldn't fire it fast enough.
i got to 100k, which takes several minutes, and at the end
of the week, i hit a wall at 200k, which takes about 50+ minutes.

luckily you can pause the game using the settings, but you lose
momentum, and its hard to pick up where you leave off.

my fingers and hands were completely cramped, so i had to
give up for the next day or two.

week 2
played the same way as from last week, but found a slightly more
comfortable grip for the left fingers, and firing.

had several more 200k games, but finally played for a few hours
and got to 640k. i had to pause ever half hour using the settings,
because there's no way you can play the game constantly without issues.

will probably max it out at 999k i hope, but since hand cramps
constantly, will have to wait.

Got to 640k :

Verdict : you can play games that range from 5 min-30 min easily,
but if you think you can last longer, you will have to play in spurts,
and pause the game game constantly

trackball - the trackball is not adequate AT ALL, it is hard to move, hard
to be precise (the middle setting is as good as it gets), and you will be
overshooting your spot constantly. the light weight of the machine makes
it move when you're trying to play, which also makes your shooting imprecise.


Final thoughts:
THE BUTTONS AND TRACKBALL ARE TERRIBLE and make the game unplayable for experts, because you
will constantly be pausing, and your hands will be cramping the whole time using them.

is it worth the money to play. NO WAY, not for $100-$120, but for a 'TOY' to put on a shelf, maybe $50