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Author Topic: GroovyMAME - Input Lag tests 2019 (new method)  (Read 27213 times)

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Re: GroovyMAME - Input Lag tests 2019 (new method)
« Reply #280 on: September 21, 2020, 08:16:00 am »
Guys, curious as to why the higher frame delay setting in GroovyMAME actually reduces lag according to the OPs tests?  Shouldnt increasing frame delay add lag?  Im obviously ignorant about something, please educate me.

*EDIT - Did some digging and understand now.  So I guess the question is, is frame delay the only option in GM to reduce input lag?  Any other tips / tricks that might help?  Ive read certain versions of Direct3D 9 such as Direct3D9 Ex have certain lag reducing features enabled by default or something?  Any clues?
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Re: GroovyMAME - Input Lag tests 2019 (new method)
« Reply #281 on: September 23, 2020, 08:05:56 am »
Groovy has been using D3D9EX for years as its default backend. You don't even have to write anything under 'video' in the mame.ini
Calamity attempted a switch to BGFX but it turned out still too laggy, so back to 9EX until further developments.

And there's no need for other lag reduction features when frame_delay's efficiency is tested and proven, with it we can drop delay down to pcb-level or close.
(in most games with few exceptions, and depending how good is your PC, of course)

edit: it could be replaced by a different method in the future, like the obscure frame_slice. who knows about the likeliness tho? not me.

If you seek to reduce even the game's built-in natural delay (breaking emulation accuracy and gameplay legitimacy though) see with RetroArch and its often nonsensitical mishmash of backends and features that include the lossy Run-Ahead.
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