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Author Topic: nanao ms9 15Khz mode w/ J-PAC  (Read 170 times)

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nanao ms9 15Khz mode w/ J-PAC
« on: February 28, 2020, 01:08:19 am »
First time poster, so i'm probably doing something wrong - and its likely already been answered before but for the life of me I just dont know the right search terms to hit on my issue as i'm new to this. So here it goes;

Bought a new astro city cab, with nanao ms9 - this is confirmed the main PCB is exactly like the many pictures online. Its set to 15kHz mode.

I have a J-PAC, which is connected to the jamma harness. sync OK and sync IN LEDs stay lit.

The PC I have groovyarcade installed, and I think i've installed to harddrive in standard arcade 15kHz mode, it boots to HDD easily.

Finally the PC has a displayport connector (no VGA), so I bought a displayport -> VGA dongle to connected to the J-PAC.

The nanao ms9 cycles through red, blue, green horizontal lines that shoot up and to the left, all on top of a black screen. I suspect (and hope) this is just a pot tuning issue, but before I go attacking them with screwdrivers I wanted some guidance - am i doing the right thing here?

I should note, that before my attempted MAME install with J-PAC the cabinet had a simple jamma pcb installed and I haven't touched any of the monitor pots.

Thanks donkey.


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Re: nanao ms9 15Khz mode w/ J-PAC
« Reply #1 on: February 28, 2020, 02:54:39 am »
Does the DP-to-VGA dongle handle 15kHz? Is the Jpac set to only pass 15kHz? Might help for troubleshooting this.

How do you know the system is booting fine? Are you VM-ing in or something?

And *when* do the horizontal shooting lines appear? Each time you connect the j-pac to the monitor, each time you connect the dongle to the J-pac, or only each time you power on the PC? Can you please post a picture of the lines you're talking about?

EDIT: any chance you're using this particular DP-to-VGA dongle?
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