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I have purchased from Twisted Quarter on three separate occasions. 1) eBay - molex tool 2) Phone order - 19 LCD monitor and bezel 3) Phone order - 26 LCD monitor and bezel.  The first two purchases were fine but the third has become ugly.

The 26" LCD monitor arrived late Tuesday afternoon. On Wednesday, I open the shipping box and set the monitor on my workbench.  I power it up and there is no output to the display.  Typically, there should be a "No signal" message when there isn't an input source detected.  I go ahead and connect the PC to the monitor. Prior to connecting the PC, I ensure the resolution and refresh rates are set to a supported value per the monitors manual.  No output.  I swap cables, still nothing.  I move it back to my computer monitor and call Andrew.  Andrew is very polite and asked me to remove the back cover to check the connectors on the video input board.  Everything is tight.  Andrew asks me to return the monitor so he can repair it.  He even told me he would cover return shipping.  Wow, this is going well.  However, he tells me that the manufacturer is no longer making these but he does have spare parts.

That evening, I just didn't feel good about the monitor purchase.  The only reason I paid the outrageous $500 was because it was plug and play.  I wouldn't have to modify the cabinet.  However, after receiving a dud and then finding out they are no longer being made, I came to the conclusion I would be better off to go ahead and build a shelf for a standard 27" computer monitor versus having an end of life product with limited support.  With a monitor that is no longer produced, I would be in the same boat as having a CRT.  Therefore, I emailed Twisted Quarter and requested a refund instead of a repair.  I also gave them the FedEx tracking number of the return. 

I am in the IT industry.  I understand that everything is made in China or Taiwan - board failures are common.  However, when I RMA an item I typically will get a different make or model.  Once I get a lemon, I rarely go back with the same product.  For instance, I built a PC for a friend and the Gigabyte motherboard was bad.  I RMAed back to NewEgg but I got an ASUS motherboard as a replacement.  Once I am burned, I loose faith in that model.  I don't think that is unrealistic.

I get a reply from Mike saying that they don't do returns on electronics that have been opened or installed.  He was smug in his reply and stated this was clearly stated on the return policy on the webpage.  This really made me angry.  Why was I angry?

1 - I was a phone order.  I didn't buy it off the website so don't quote a website return policy.  I was never informed of their staunch return policy on either of my phone orders.  I would have never purchased from them had I known their return policy.

2 - The item was not installed.  Mike replied back and said that it was opened.  He stated that I had to have opened it; otherwise, I wouldn't have known that it didn't work.  Really? Yes, it was opened but it was only in a brown, nondescript shipping box.   There weren't any fancy graphics on the box that got ripped, the box wasn't torn, and it wants wrapped in sealed plastic.  In other words, there was nothing that would detract from this item being resold after it was repaired other than they would have to list it as "refurbished".

3 - My first encounter with Twisted Quarter was on eBay.  Every eBay auction states a 14 money back guarantee or exchange.  They have two conflicting return policies defined on the Internet.  Which one is it?  I was duped by the eBay policy.

I replied to Mike and told him I didn't want a return and I was prepared to take this to the forums and challenge the purchase with my credit card company.  He replied back and told me it was a free country and to do whatever I wanted.  He also said that they would hold my money and the monitor for 30 -45 days during the Visa investigation.  He said, "Go ahead, you will loose"  I was prepared to fight this because I think I would have won due to the conflicting web ads and the fact this was a phone order. 

I later get an email from Andrew directly that basically said I was a wretched customer.  I was profane and vulgar to his employee.  He also was upset that I would try to tarnish his "good name" on the forums and get the credit card company involved.  Well, yeah I would - This is $500 for an end of life product that has already shown itself to be a lemon.  In one of the emails, I told Mike to stop acting like a "dick" about the monitor being opened and used.  Yeah, I shouldn't have use the term "dick" but it wasn't like I was using F-bombs or cussing the guy out.  People are named Dick, so if that word offends you get thicker skin or train your employee not to get condescending in emails.

None the less, I am stuck.  Unfortunately,  I realized I used a debit card instead of regular credit card.  I normally use my AMEX but this time I got careless  :banghead: :angry: :badmood:

I have to accept the monitor as a repair.  I now know why they picked their name - Twisted Quarter.  They have a twisted return policy and every Quarter as two sides.  Apparently there is the eBay Twisted Quarter and there is the "real" Twisted Quarter.  Different prices, policies, and standards.  If you are so inclined to buy from them, then do so on eBay.  However, after reading this I hope you spend your money elsewhere.  I would highly recommend Bob Roberts, Paradise Arcade, or Focus Attack.  Great sellers with integrity.  Buyer beware with Twisted Quarter.


Well Fed Games:
Sorry that happened to you, you are right to feel ripped off and right to call them out. Calling someone a dick when they are being a dick doesn't mean you don't deserve decent customer service. This isn't a joystick spring, this is a $500 monitor.

Sounds like Jim was the bringer of good news... I hope the chargeback fixes your problem.

By the time I go through the trouble, it just isn't worth it.  If you read the terms on eBay, it says a 30% restocking fee on opened electronics.  Sadly, I will probably lose the challenge or have to pay a restocking fee.  I am not going to eat 30% of $500.  I would rather put it in the trash than to give Andrew another dime of my money.  I can always sell it or maybe it will work great once I get the return.  I failed to do my due diligence.  At least others will know what I didnt.

I had a recent TQ order missing a part, but Andrew made it right and paid for shipping. I'd order from him anytime.

Having said that, it honestly sounds like you made it an ugly situation. Calling people ---Deutsche Frankfurters--- and threatening to take it to the forums isn't how you get things done. You have every right to file a chargeback, and I would have done it 5 minutes ago, but if I were Andrew and someone called my employee a dick, I might hold tight to my return policy as a matter of principle as well. He offered to fix it for you and was willing to cover shipping- sounds fair to me.

I totally agree with you, PBJ, but to me it sounds more like 'buyer's remorse' than 'buyer beware'. Rather than make Internet tough guy threats, he should have called Andrew directly. I bet he could have gotten something resolved.

And yes, csnow, call the bank. You have that protection.


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