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I'm running an ArcadeVGA 3000 in Windows XP with a Makvision 2929D-72 (the 800x600 Makvision currently sold at X-Arcade).

I've been reading through the main thread about groovymame and have installed what I think is correct (groovymame32_0143.013.exe) into my mame folder.  I made sure I backed up my mame.ini file and ran groovymame with -cc from the command line (win xp) and it placed a mame.ini file on my C: drive.  I moved that file over to the mame folder with everything else (where my old mame.ini file was).

I can run groovymame only from the executable.  I tried to run it from Hyperspin and it just freezes up for a bit and eventually spins over to another game (maybe that's just it going into attract mode).  I tried both with and without the mame.ini file groovymame gave me and both have the same results.

When I run groovymame from the executable, it looks just like mame and I can select a game... but most of them do not run correctly.  I tried frogger right away because that and galaxian don't run at all on my ArcadeVGA 3000.  Frogger runs as if it was squashed (like a vertical screen run sideways).  I then tried Street Fighter 2 and it ran as if it was a vertical screen (so it squashed the sides).

I wasn't able to install the drivers (crt_emudriver_6.5_1.2_xp32).  I guess that doesn't work on the ArcadeVGA 3000.  From here, I don't know how to set anything up without being able to run VMMaker or Arcade_OSD.

The AVGA doesn't seem as smooth as groovymame and it won't play Frogger, Galaxian or Gorf for some reason.  I have the drivers for it... just doesn't seem to be the greatest for this monitor.

Should I just toss the ArcadeVGA card and find one that works well with crt_emudriver?  Does anyone else have this AVGA setup?

Anyone have suggestions?

One issue was solved! 

I can use Hyperspin now.  I changed the name of groovymame from groovymame32_0143.013.exe to groovymame32.exe.  Now Hyperspin runs the game.  It must not have liked the long name or something.

I've officially, completely lost my mind.    :dunno

I went to lunch, came back and I've run through all the games again but this time through Hyperspin (with groovymame).  Somehow now, everything works.  Frogger, Galaxian and Gorf play exactly like they should.  The Street Fighter game I tested earlier that was squashed is now perfect.

I did nothing (that I know of) except change the name of groovymame and now all is right in the world.  There is no more fighting in the middle East and I think I saw a dog and cat snuggling together just a second ago.

Soooooo... I guess the guy at Ultimarc was right.  It just works.  I won't look a gift horse in the mouth.   :cheers:

I must be doing something wrong as well, new to all this Hyperspin and groovymame, I renamed groovymame as well, and still can't get a game to launch from Hyperspin using groovymame, the screen just goes black briefly then goes back to the wheel game selection screen in Hyperspin?

Try removing mame.ini (just rename it to mame.ini.bak).  I was also messing with that when it started working... but I really think it was the long name on groovymame.  I also took out something like autosave (in the same screen where you select groovymame in hyperspin setup).

Go through those steps... it was strange because nothing worked, I went to lunch for about 2 hours and came back and everything worked.   :dunno


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