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GroovyMAME for Dummies? (SOLVED)

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My guess is no.  If I had it to do over again, I would probably go buy an ATI card that was supported and install Calamity's drivers and go from there.  This is mainly because I'm using the Makvision 2929D-72 monitor.  If you have a 15khz monitor, then AVGA would probably be the way to go.

Hi guys, sorry I didn't answer before, I'm very busy these days.

Some hints:

- Don't launch games from the menu inside GroovyMAME, if you do that it will default to 640x480 and resolution settings won't be applied (this will be fixed in next release.

- What you have to do is to launch games using a full command line, like this: groovymame.exe romname

- That's what properly setup frontends do for you BTW, that's why launching games from HS is working fine.

- You actually need mame.ini there for things to be perfect, specially if you own some fancy monitor, otherwise only default settings for a CGA monitor will be applied.

- GroovyMAME can't dynamically recalculate modelines for the AVGA, so it will use native AVGA modes that best fit your monitor, provided, you let it know which monitor you have.

- Some games may still have issues, like 1941 you mentioned, check this thread about getting logs, those are highly helpful for us to fix existing issues:


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