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Hey Guys,

I wasn't sure where to post this, but with the future of Maximus Arcade loitering in the void of the internet; I've been questioned by MA users regarding a Maximus Arcade skin/theme for HyperSpin.  I have mentioned before that I've been working on a Maximus Arcade clone theme for HyperSpin. Unfortunately, I have not been able to get authorization from MA to use their images.  The screenshots below were a quick 10 minute creation using ripped Maximus Arcade skin images.  I can't and will not release this skin without authorization from the Maximus Arcade skin creators.  Please look at these images as an example of how HyperSpin can be used in a more minimalistic way to help ease the transition to a new front end.

The HyperSpin team will be working on different images that we can freely use.  

Main System Selection Screen:

HyperSpin has the ability to use transitions when a new system (or even game) is selected.  The default transition to Daphne is a fire like transition.  Of course, like everything else, the transitions can be disabled.


Daphne Main Menu:

Game Selection Screen:

Since this still HyperSpin you can use per game themes as well in combination with the Maximus Arcade Main Menu, if you wanted.

Again, these are just examples of a Maximus Arcade clone in HyperSpin. The marquee section of the cabinet on the Game Selection screen can have the game marquee or even the wheel image showing.  If you don't want images for your game selection, text can be used.  The screen on the cabinet can display a static screenshot in .png format or it can display video in .flv format.  The thing is that we can get HyperSpin to display and act very similar to Maximus Arcade.

This thread isn't meant to start any HyperSpin vs.... arguments.  This was created, by request, from a couple MA users that wanted to see a comparison of what HyperSpin can do to be more like Maximus.  

Again, these are not final as I don't have permission to use some of the images.  

I am completely open to suggestions.


I'm no expert, but I can't see any problems in using them as long as you give some credit to Mameseer in your posts.

The artwork is available here:

Mameseer writes this on the page:
"To help the arcade community in the theme making process, below is access to my collection of console logos in Adobe Illustrator EPS format. Most of them I painstakingly recreated, while some I found at

Also below is the Adobe Photoshop CS template of the arcade graphic used in the default themes.

And finally, the Cinema4D model and textures used in the Maximus Arcadius theme pack. If you use any parts of the 3D model in your projects, please give credit to mameseer for building it. Enjoy!"

As long as you have in good faith tried to contact him, I personally don't see a problem with using the graphics.  Especially if it's not for profit.  But if you can't contact him, like it says above as long as you give him credit I don't see a problem with it.



Thanks Delusional.  In that case; I'll definitely continue working on this theme.

Any suggestions on the theme from the possible Maximus converts?

My suggestion would be to find alternate graphics for the "Batch Files" and "Daphne" parts.  Most people change those two.  The batch files is changes to something that is labeled PC Games.  The Daphne part is changed to something that doesn't have a monitor around the graphics.  They felt the existing one looked like an emulator, which most people work so hard to disguise on their arcade cabinets.

Also, the font Maximus uses is called "alba matter" and can be found here:


I grabbed these from the MA forums.  Users there created graphics for all to use.

The first one is by MA forum member Cadmium.
The rest are by MA forum member Artgod

I have invited Artgod to join this conversation over in this new forum.  He is amazing at what he does.




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