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Author Topic: DOSBox tutorial for Maximus Arcade  (Read 8688 times)

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DOSBox tutorial for Maximus Arcade
« on: July 09, 2010, 06:05:03 pm »
This tutorial was posted by Goat Tongue on the old maximus forum.  I thought it might be useful.  I haven't personally loaded DOSBox on my machine yet, but thought the tutorial was worth posting for those who do want it.

I'll assume a few things first.......I'm assuming you already have D-Fend Reloaded installed.
I'll also assume you have several old DOS games ready to setup. (prob. as zip files or installed someplace in their own directory)

If all of your games are still in .zip format - that's fine.
If they are already extracted and chilling in some other directory - that's fine too!

**if your dos games are .zips (or other compressed formats)**
When you install D-Fend - it should automatically create a sub-directory called VIRTUALHD.
Start by creating a NEW directory inside the VIRTUALHD folder named after each game you have.
For example, if you have Police - Make a folder inside VIRTUALHD named something PoliceQuest.
Do this for each game you want to set up. (keep in mind that this step may not be required but it keeps things simple and organized..which is always good!)
No move all your .zip files into their correct folders that you created and extract each one!
This will leave you with the main VIRTUALHD folder - with many sub-directories inside that are all organized with all of your games.

**if your dos games are already extracted somewhere else**
Simply copy or move each game directory so it is inside the VIRTUALHD folder.

...believe it or not...that was the "hard" part.  

Now you're going to need to create another folder someplace that will store the files needed for Maximus to use.
I simply created another folder by itself called "DOS Game Files".

To begin - Start D-Fend Reloaded.
On the main screen - Click the green ADD button near the top.
Scroll down and select ADD WITH WIZARD.
Where it says EMULATION TYPE - DOSbox should be selected by default. Leave it.
Under Wizard mode - Click the button next to "Only setup game automatically if matching auto setup template"...assuming it's not already selected for you.
Click NEXT

Where it says PROGRAM TO BE STARTED - this is going to be the actually .exe, .bat, or .com file that RUNS the game you are setting up. (every game is different)
For this example, we'll keep with the Police Quest idea...and we'll be selecting the PQ.exe file from the Police Quest folder we created.
To locate the file - click the folder icon that is to the right of the white box.
Use the traditional explorer window that comes up to navigate to your PQ.exe file and select it then click OPEN.

Ignore the other settings in this window and just press NEXT.

Select the button next to USE USER-DEFINED TEMPLATE and make sure DEFAULT TEMPLATE is also selected.
(i've found pretty much all of my dos games work with this setting)

Make sure there is a check-box next to the following items on this screen:
Start in full-screen mode
Close Dosbox when program closes

Click NEXT!

I tend not to mess with this next screen but some folks are more anal than I am about stuff. I usually edit the top line and put the proper name of the game in it.
In this case, i'd type in POLICE QUEST as the Name Of The Program.

Click NEXT
Click OK!

Now you should see a listing for your game in the main window now! Woo!
(almost done finally)

Remember that directory I had you create earlier....the one that I named DOS Game Files? Well, now is when you'll use it.
Click on your game in the list to highlight it.
Click on FILE at the top.

Now just add a check-box next to the game you want to have work inside Maximus.
At the bottom - under DESTINATION FOLDER - Change it to the directory which you will be storing your game files for Maximus to see. (For example, Dos Game I said before) OK!

Repeat the process to keep adding games inside D-Fend as well as creating / storing the CONF files in their own directory.

**Setting up DosBox in Maximus**
Now load up the PREFERENCES window for Maximus Arcade. (preferences.exe)
Under CONFIGURATION - select DOSBOX from the list.
The EXECUTABLE should be your actual DOSBOX.exe file....(C:\Program Files\dosbox\dosbox.exe by default)
Your ROM folder should point to your VIRTUALHD directory... (C:\Program Files\D-Fend Reloaded\VirtualHD\ by default)
You can add and manage an image folder just like you would other emulators. It's up to you!
Click the SCAN tab just below the Marquee section...Check the box for FORCE RESCAN OF MEDIA.
(personally...I have it set to ALWAYS rescan at startup because I add stuff often)
Click CLOSE to save your settings.....and you're good to go!

Let me know how it goes!!Goat Tongue
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Re: DOSbox Tutorial??
by Lambo Tue Feb 02, 2010 11:59 pm
Thanks for this tutorial. Was having all sorts of problems!

Just as a note I don't think you mention that the directory you create (you call it Does games files) should be in the Virtual directory. While this might have been implied it wasn't obvious to me when first reading your guide.
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