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Started by allenc - Last post by allenc

anyone have the joystick cable ?  the black rectangle plug to the jst ?
or anyone have the pinout on both ends so I can make one

Started by CitznFish - Last post by jackel1138

UPDATE 12/21/21 7:40PM

I heard back from Andy at Ultimarc. He provided me with an updated firmware.   Load that up via his directions and everything is working correctly.  (Thanks Andy for the fast response and help appreciate it)

Do you still have that firmware file? I have the exact same issue.

3   Driving & Racing Cabinets / Re: Hacking Outrun 2006on Yesterday at 11:49:56 pm

Started by Howard_Casto - Last post by BigTinz

What's the best way to map the gear shift (up/down) to the right stick of my xbox 360 controller? It doesn't respond in the options menu.

The game feels great to control with OR2006Tweaks applied, but I haven't been able to replicate the gear stick like I have set up in TeknoParrot.

Gear drifting with a button press feels wrong...

4   Everything Else / Re: RIP - The Dead Celebrity Threadon Yesterday at 06:07:37 pm

Started by Ginsu Victim - Last post by SlammedNiss

Started by SegaOutrun - Last post by negative1

here is a video about using xbox series s - or x to use the model 3 emulator.

maybe this could be a different thread.

then you can play the racing games on a console :

|| || | | ||
n eg ative 1

Started by w00master - Last post by DarthMarino

See if this helps:

7   Lightguns / Re: Best light gun ever - fight meon Yesterday at 04:14:45 pm

Started by pbj - Last post by slickam

I still have my Master System and Phaser, but I never had Shooting Gallery. I played a lot of Safari Hunt though, and always preferred it to Duck Hunt on my friend's NES.

I only knew one other person in Edmonton with one. Everyone else I knew with a console had a NES.

I never had many games for it, but you're right that Double Dragon was great. I also really liked Space Harrier and Wonder Boy.

Started by Duffy - Last post by Duffy

Hi guys,

First of all thank you very much calamity for creating all this so that us plebs can enjoy games as they were originally intended!

I noticed when using vmmaker to install modelines that my 5450 only shows as having one analog output, where the guide says that Calamityís has two analog outputs. Is this a bug? Could this be a symptom of the issues Iím having with crt switchres?

Thanks in advance,


Started by PaCiFiKbAllA - Last post by bandicoot

thanks  , will try tomorrow and tell you what ;)  :applaud: :applaud: :applaud:

Started by PaCiFiKbAllA - Last post by PaCiFiKbAllA

thanks , your update is great
just need a confirmation to keep time

in game.ini

if you can show me an ewmple with to option for example , noinput and nocrosshair ,
option=-noinput , -nocrosshair ( is this correct ?)
cause argonlefou add a wonderfull option -profil=

When passing the options (single or multiple) it should look like this:

Code: [Select]
options=-noinput -nocrosshairs
There is just a single space needed between each argument with the way I have my utility configured.  Let me know how it works out for you. Thanks!
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