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Author Topic: Crt_emudriver 15khz not syncing with UMSA connected to loewe e3001 chassis  (Read 765 times)

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Hi Guys,

hoping someone can help me out with this problem, I have this loewe mounted in my cab with an e3001 chassis. I had it running about 5 years ago with a homemade VGA->SCART cable and calamitys crt_emudriver (i've since lost the cable so can't test it). Recently I've decided to get it back up and running so I orded a UMSA adaptor from arcade forge.

Now,  I have spare loewe CRT with an e3000 chassis which i used to set the pc up and test it all out before hooking it all up to the crt in the cabinet. Everything worked like a charm, followed calamitys guide on installing crt emudriver (using a HD7700 GPU) enabled EDID emulation and plugged in the e3000 and 640x480 interlaced looked great, tested resolutions in arcade OSD no dramas, setup grooveymame and everything worked sweet so I Know there are no problems with the cables I'm using or the UMSA unit.

So I go to hook it all up to the CRT in the cabinet with the e3001 (which previously worked 5 years ago with a vga-scart cable). I uninstalled calamity's drivers and reinstalled and went through the whole process again, enabled EDID emulation plug in the UMSA to the CRT and it I get a rolling image or messed up image like it can't sync. 

have uploaded youtube video here

As you can see the deskop at 640x480 is all messed up, I opened up arcade osd and i tried a few other resolutions after running VMM (tested with a few different profiles, generic, arcade, arcade extended, NTSC TV etc) no luck.

If i hotswap the other loewe crt it syncs perfect, go back to the one mounted in my arcade cab and no luck. I've tried changing the negative/positive jumper, enabling composite sync from VMM, forcing NTSC or PAL in the TV settings, have it plugged into the correct scart port (the one which uses RGB, other port gets no image at all)

One strange thing i have noticed is that if i pull out the 5v psu from the UMSA when its connected to the e3001 in the arcade cab it has absolutely no effect on the image at all whereas if i take it out when its connect to the other CRT the image gets all messed up and starts rolling.

I'm really stumped as to why it all works great on one CRT and not on the one in my arcade cab which worked great last time i fired it up with a vga to scart cable.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks in advance



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Congrats on owning some awesome TVs! Pretty much peak consumer TV quality (outside the cult of Trinitron).

The E3000/E3001 TVs have quite a few options when it comes to setting up the AV channels.

I don't own any anymore but I've had plenty of CTs, Profils, Calidas and Conturs. From memory, you need to setup the AV channels to use RGB and then also setup the signal format (e.g PAL, PAL-M, NTSC, etc.) Think I had the best luck with Satellite (or something similar).

I would mess with those options and see if you get any further...

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