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Started by PL1 - Last post by PL1

Started by acidrs - Last post by acidrs

So i recently found a broken arcade cabinet on a surplus auction site and had plans to fix it up and either put it back in operation somewhere or sell it.

However things have taken a little turn when we started to sand down the back paint, which revealed the original graphics of this cabinet.

It feels wrong to repaint over this and wanted to find out from the community, should we restore this machine back to its original state or not?

Started by Mr. Peabody - Last post by epetti

I'm not going to win any championships with this, but 39,410.

Started by mebronx2000 - Last post by keilmillerjr

because thats what the customer wanted. So i do what the customer wants.I dont think this cabs are the 8th wonder of the world, they are nice but a pain in the neck to play with.  :cheers: And i think it gives more joy to the newest generations that are discovering retro games. Keep it in the same condition just to show up, it does not make any sense to me. A super cobra, for real? i didnt even heard of the game ti i found it.

Well ---steaming pile of meadow muffin---. I should start charging for advice to people on a forum for advice to charge others. - piece out -

Started by ahofle - Last post by big10p

I knew this malarkey had been going on a while now, but didn't know they made a movie about it, all the way back in the '50s.

Started by Titchgamer - Last post by Rockstead

I will buy one for sure
Recoil is a must for me , accuracy pinpoint
I want to test it out on Those ALG games as i tried to disable the crosshair and with the aimtrak it didnt register those shots well
Other games it works well though

You should talk to Andy from Ultimarc in this thread;topicseen#new

Andy has said the following in the below conversation regarding people playing without crosshairs, he comes off as being very responsive to customers and I would be very curious if he can solve this for you and what the problem was.

“Quote from: Rockstead on August 09, 2019, 07:20:42 am

Typically when I see an Aimtrak owner talk about the gun in a positive way, it’s because they are using crosshairs and now have a perception that it is accurate, while those without crosshairs seem to be the most frustrated.”

From Andy:

“We do not receive that type of feedback. Once calibrated owners are generally not frustrated at all as far as we hear.

There are sometimes hurdles in getting calibrated but all are simple to overcome by reading through the troubleshooting steps on our site.”

Started by ahofle - Last post by PL1

Started by Drnick - Last post by Drnick

Another day and another small update. And its another lesson on learning to measure multiple times before commiting.  The wife was looking at the unit and said, it's too big, it's not going to fit. (no pun intended). Well she was right It turns out the space I have is not the size I originally thought, and the unit would be 2" to wide to fit where I want to put it.  Fairy snuff,  I could rearrange the shed a bit, but I think I will just try again with a triple check before I cut anything. Because I glued and screwed I am not going to try cutting back down to size. Instead  I'll reuse the planned wings from build 1 to build the majority of build 2. 

Build 1 can replace the glass unit I have upstairs in the living room.  It's going to get some Yellow thrown in there as the wife will allow it in the living room as long as it fits a disney theme, Well Mickey mouse is basically White/Red/Black and Yellow, I have put a mock up below.  The wife ideally wants me to route out a couple of mickey symbols into the front door, I'm not sure if I will do this, time will tell.

And here is where the build is at in the real world.

Got to give the door a quick sand and another coat of paint.

Started by saint - Last post by Drnick


10   Driving & Racing Cabinets / Re: My Racing Rig 2.0on Today at 12:45:46 pm

Started by Howard_Casto - Last post by DudeRegular

It looks very cool man. And your question is easy---cupholder
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