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1   Consoles / Sharp Nintendo tvon Today at 08:38:08 pm

Started by abispac - Last post by abispac

Are this tvs rare? I've never seen one in my life. Are they worth something?

Started by toolaa - Last post by Hydrolisk1792

Something else to add to this post.  I'm the project manager at my event company and I'm constantly fabricating some kind of strange thing or game cabinet.  I was once breaking down some sheet goods for a custom cab and I became distracted from one of my employees asking me a question whilst using the skill saw and wound up nicking my left pointer finger tip.  It was also a bloody B movie show just like the OP.  The next day we all had a meeting and a small power tool safety course that I put together for the team and even the other departments were involved in the meeting!  Since then No one bothers others if they are in the middle of using any power tool, even a palm sander.  Just another momentary lapse of judgment.  Kind of funny that both the OP and I are in high positions at our companies and we were the ones to get hurt...  Just goes to show you that a job title does not make you immune from mistake!   

3   Main Forum / Re: Jamma Board Issueson Today at 03:12:09 pm

Started by egraft - Last post by lilshawn

the 60 in 1 will play music if there is a credit on it. once the credits are used up, it's silent.

Started by b4nd1t0 - Last post by mrchrister

I translated your italian blog post on how to compile groovymame with no nag and created a new build of 0.250 with the donkey kong 3 death sound fixed. The fix was pushed to github a couple of days ago. I hope it's ok to leave this here. If anybody wants dkong3's sound to work correctly and doesn't want to wait for 0.251 to come out, here is a new build:

Started by b4nd1t0 - Last post by mrchrister

My cab is an upright vertical DK and groovymame is set up well for snes and nes emulation. I guess I could try and use Retroarch but I never got it to look as good as groovymame.
I rotate the image, I set screen aspect ratio to 1:1 with 256px resolution vertical and it looks fantastic, pixel perfect since 256x224 is the native res for both systems. The black levels are so good on my old Sanyo EZ20 that you might even think it's just a smaller horizontal monitor installed in the cab when playing snes/nes on it.

6   Lightguns / 2 x SAMCO Light guns and demulshooter. on Today at 12:08:46 pm

Started by stasimon - Last post by stasimon

Hi all,

Think to buy parts and make 2 SAMCO Light guns but want to ask if SAMCO Light guns works with demulshooter same like aimtrack Light Guns? Work, not work or we need to change something to make it work?


7   Main Forum / Re: Jamma Board Issueson Today at 11:37:53 am

Started by egraft - Last post by Hydrolisk1792

Is there some sort of Dallas chip or lithium battery inside the game box?  It may have gone bad.

Started by bollwerk - Last post by Hydrolisk1792

Excellent craftsmanship here!!  Hard to find this now adays!!  I too have my own etsy shop more for electronics, however I have a wood working passion as well :)

9   Driving & Racing Cabinets / Re: FFB Arcade Pluginon Today at 09:15:37 am

Started by Boomslang - Last post by Super-Becker

Every time you change the game you have to restart the emulator. The problem will disappear.

Started by Boomslang - Last post by jorgenjl2

Does anyone know if there is a Mame forum where they discuss working on things like this? I would be willing to pay a Mame developer to work on it.
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