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CPWizard v2.63 Released

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--- Quote from: PL1 on January 11, 2021, 07:31:26 am ---
--- Quote from: goldorakiller on January 11, 2021, 05:40:21 am ---Where can I download the last version of CPWizard.
The site seems out of order :

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Here's an archived version of the CPWizard download page with a link to v2.63.   :cheers:

Thx mate

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Is there any way to make cpwizard open 2 layout instances at the same time?

I'm at my wits end here.  I've had CP Wizard version 2.35 running fine for eons, but just yesterday installed version 2.67.  For some reason, when it launches at startup, it runs in windowed mode and blocks my FE (Hyperspin).  How can I get this thing to run minimized?  There used to be an option for "resident mode" or something.

Hello everyone!!! Sorry to revive this topic but I wanted to ask if someone has been able to get it to work in recent versions of mame. from the CPW it takes me most of the games but it doesn't show me the controls already inside mame.

As someone who has just gotten into this hobby, I'm so glad you asked this. I've been trying to figure out how to display the controls for the various games, and while I can hit pause in MAME to bring up the list (button 1, etc.) it would be much better IMO to have a graphic for each game where you could include combos (for fighting games) or a diagram for guests (so they know, for example, what button 1 is on the control panel).


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