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CPWizard v2.63 Released

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NOTE: Windows 7 users you may have to edit mame.ini and change the following line

--- Code: ---d3dversion                9
--- End code ---


--- Code: ---d3dversion                8
--- End code ---

A cool new feature worthy of expanding on is the File->Export Batch feature. Now you can export CP's for your entire Mame collection as bezel's to place in Mame's artwork folder. When you play a game in Mame you can go to the Video Options menu and select Show Bezel to view your CP or Hide Bezel to hide it. You don't need CPWizard running to use this feature! You can also export your CP's as png, and export Game Info cards for viewing in your own FE.

Another nice feature is View->Preview where you can select a Mame game and see what it will look like when your running CPWizard.

Dynamic data loading has been added (slightly slower load times for less memory usage), joystick support has also been added along with many control mapping improvements, features and bug fixes.

EDIT: Oops just had to upload again, sorry found a minor bug in the Label Link / Alpha feature. Please download again if you have before I wrote this message.

6-12-2007 - Patch released

This diff when applied to Mame will show the bezel when pause (default 'p') is pressed and hide when unpaused.
This can be used with CPWizard's Export Batch feature in bezel format so you can display your CP when Mame is paused.
To apply the patch for Mame 0121 (Will most probably work for several versions after as well)

1. Download mame0121s.exe from here and extract the source
2. Download and install Mame Compiler
3. Select Start->Programs->Mame Compiler->MameCompiler
4. Point the "Mame Source Folder" to where you extracted the Mame source
5. Browse the "Diff Patch File" to bezel_0121.diff and press the "Apply Patch" button
6. Press the GO! button to compile

Nice!  :cheers:

Organic Jerk:
If you mean what I think you mean, That's awesome!

I'm definitely going to be playing with this at some point..


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