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Author Topic: pix of my new cab and trackball panel  (Read 1252 times)

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pix of my new cab and trackball panel
« on: April 10, 2003, 06:03:15 pm »
i finally got off my arse and took some pix of my new 25" cab, (i found it in al alley on my way to work)that i am slowly converting to dreamcast cab with a 25" tv, its fully playable now, just needs some tweaking so its perfect. it runs on 2 hacked madcatz dreamcast pads and a dragoncast vga box, the sound is runnin thru some really cheapo computer speakers for now until my ebay amp arrives then the kenwood speakers will go in. im gonna fill in that center speaker grill and cut 2 new ones for stereo and get grills. i still need the monitor and marquee glass (im goin with plexi or lexan, does home depot cut that for you?) i also need a hires or vector dreamcast logo if anyone has one for my marquee. i also need to fix up the coindoors, but that is about it. i think i may sand the sides down (they have some water damage from sitting outside for days before i found it) and just paint it plain black with a terxtured roller, no side art, just a nice simple black marquee witha dreamcast logo.

also on the site are some pics of the 3rd and final control panel for my original cab, the trackball panel! using an oscar trackball molex adapter and a usb mouse hack from the same, the trackball came with the cab and i just gave it a lil lovin, some new rollers and bearings, works perfectly now, centipede has been runnin almost nonstop since the TB got up and runnin. im gonne remake all 3 panels out of black melamine (i found a quick way to get it, just goto target and buy a black bookshelf 12" x 3') these first round of panels were just so i could make sure i wanted everything where it is, i think for the tb, i may move the ball down, and the buttons up a little, its hard not to hit the glass/buttons when you bowl, and for the spinner, im gonna replace my model 3 with my pro and move it more to the center, just minor tweaks but im a perfectionist. as you can tell i would rather have many minimal panels that one with everything on it. anyways enough of my rambling......

anyways comments/questions welcome, and if anyone has answers to my few questions (plexi/lexan cutting & dc logo hires/vector) please drop me and email



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Re:pix of my new cab and trackball panel
« Reply #1 on: April 10, 2003, 09:55:29 pm »
Nice score on that MK2 cabinet! And when you say you took some pictures, you took some pictures! Nice work!
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