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Connecting cab speakers?

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hi all,

i finally got averything running, sound included through a jpac.  using advmenu and advmame.

i'm currently using generic pc speakers and was wondering, how do i wire up my cab speakers to my sound card?  do i need an amp?

any sites that anyone knows of?


It's nice any easy.
Yes, you need an amplified signal.
Just buy a cheap pair of pc speakers (no more than

Here's my solution with a j-pac.  Buy a cheap pair of speakers with a powered sub.  Labtec normally makes some decent cheap ones.  Now there are two ways to hook it up.  If you have volume pots in your cab already:
PC Line out -> volume pot -> powered sub -> jpac sound +/-.  You wont get stereo like that however.  The other way is to use the volume dial already in the speaker, just break it out.  If you want stereo, you'll have to wire directly to the speakers.  You shouldn't have to remove the cab's speakers with any of these solutions.

ACK!  volume pots in my cab?  please explain?

thanks all...


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