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--- Quote from: gamenut on October 14, 2006, 05:12:37 pm ---Also, can i set the cfg path to my mamewah cfg?

--- End quote ---
yeah this was another issue. All the resolutions I had set with MW did not show up when I used PM32 as the MAME source.

Don't know if you noticed the other post about me getting PM to work. FYI
But after transfering everything over to another computer,nothing worked. I lost something somewhere.
So i just started from scratch, using only rom/snap/cab/and marquee  folders from old cfg's.
Now the only problem i am having with PM is only half the led board is working.
It works fine with AtomicFE.
But i can't get the one side of the board to work with PM.
And onward i go! 8)


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