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Hey there guys,
I recently got into mame and figured out mame wah two days ago.
Now i have decided to use PowerMame. I've got the rom path down and saved, but can't figure out the emulator path.
Going by what i found out with mamewah, I need to piont out the inipath to the mame.exe.
But trying this with PM it isn't working.
Did i miss the "obvious bus" on this one??? :dizzy:

How come these fe's aren't set up to work after install?  :dunno :banghead:
Is there a place online that says put this file here-put roms there-ect?
 My head hurts :-[

Ok, maybe this will help you help me.
In the directories tab i set the rom path to my rom folder(e.g.c:\program files\mgames\MAME\doromrom).
Then in the ini path(e.g.c:\program files\mgames\MAME\mame.exe).
Is this correct?
### PowerMAME32.ini ###

### global-only options ###

rompath                 "C:\Program Files\mgames\MAME\Roms"
samplepath              samples
inipath                 "C:\Program Files\mgames\MAME\doromrom"
cfg_directory           cfg
nvram_directory         nvram
memcard_directory       memcard
input_directory         inp
hiscore_directory       hi
state_directory         sta
artwork_directory       artwork
snapshot_directory      snap
diff_directory          diff
cheat_file              cheat.dat
ctrlr_directory         ctrlr
comment_directory       comment

Also, can i set the cfg path to my mamewah cfg?

I tried for a really long time trying to make MAMEWah work with PM. I got parts to work but never the whole package. I was trying to use it with 2 49 ways and a LEDWiz. I could get it to work (sort of) if I used PM32 (Joymonkey's suggestion) as the mameversion for MW. I got the LEDWiz to do the attract mode. But if I remember correctly I could use the joys within MW with attract, but when it actually went into MAME, I was totally locked out. If I used command line PM I could not get attract mode. I tried like mad to set it up. If I remember correctly, I could get CL PM to work with the joys though . Just never both at the same time.


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