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Set-up: "How to" guide (install and configure emulators, plus Visual Pinball)

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Absolutely Fantastic! Got my 1st FE up and running with no problems thanks to this post!

Cheers, Simon. ;)

Whoa! That's alot of words. Slap a yellow and black cover over that document and call it 'Mala Setup for Dummies.'

Really, that is the kind of material I love to see. Very in depth. Thank you for all your time making that document up.
I may be switching from Mamewah to Mala now :) Great job.

Great write up  :applaud:, malas already one of the easiest FE's to use this just makes it that much better :)

Space Fractal:
I would been happy, if this would incoprt into the wiki, like the mamewah faq.  :).

And these sections need also adding infos about each emulators:


There are a lots of missing emulators and how these are cab freidly, or how you can been. I can

I have no plans on updating the Wiki ...... way too much work for me ...... I rather just dump it into a document like I did ..... however if someone wants to do this, feel free to use the information I provided.


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