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Hi all,

I'm new here, and I'm attempting to build my own cab, starting with the control panel!  If someone could help me out with the following questions I'd be very grateful!  :)

1) Are the spinners from Oscar Controls any good?  I'm thinking of buying their pro-spinner and linking it up to a Hagstrom ME4 along with a Happs 3" trackball.  Does this sound ok?

2) I have some 5/8" MDF lying around and was gonna use that for the top of the control panel.  Is this a good choice?

3) Was thinking of making the rest of the cabinet out of pine (my other half will let me keep it in the house then as it will go with the furniture!).  Is this choice of wood good or bad?

4) Whats the benefits/drawbacks of using a TV in my cab?

Thanks for any help!

I don't own the spinner. But from what I have read here. It seems to be one of the best ones for cheap and easy set up.  

Use the MDF board for the top control panel and the rest of the cabinet can be anything.  Pine is a soft wood until it is in plywood format.  I won't use a pine wood for the monitor.   If you want to make it look good matching the rest of the furniture.  Use pine on the outside only and put some strong supports on the inside like a bunch of 2x4 put toget to make a cage type look that will hold everything like a frame on the car, then put the pine wood on the outside like the body sheet on the car.  

There are no drawbacks for using the TV. Many here have done it assuming that you are using the correct connecters on the TV with the video card using the TV Out feature.  Someone mentioned a good cheap TV to buy and disassemble since when the TV is powered on it stays in the S-Video mode.

That's about all I can comment on now.  Do a search or go back and read all the postings that interest you in the last six months as it has worthy information.  Probably will answer many of your other questions that will come up along the way.

DONT GO WITH TV.end of dont look right..a 27" tv has actual viewing area of 22 or 23 inchs and a 19" monitor is 19" viewable.vga arcade monitor.if you go with 19" eygo then you should.they look  very good even though its 640x480 maximum.with tv you will likely ruin your eyes.some people are always against me but trust arcade vga looks a lot better.if you look around you might find 19" for like $150.thats what i paid and $25 can also buy the $27 eygo but beware they are used.2 broke on me.and last choice,27" wg money then buy..its too much though..for wood i really dont know much but from what i have done.pre melamine is super good.its already laminated so if you dont want chiping then use scroll saw thats all.its scrach resistent and water it will last MUST use 5/8 wood for the top panel.because if you use 3/4 then the joystick wont have the right height.this is a serious problem if you plan one putting a lexan or somethin...good luck ;)

Thanks for your replies!

One question.... will having an Arcade Monitor limit the types of games I can play?  (for example PC games, emulated games, console games)?


well having a 15 KHz arcade monitor is not an opition.everything is limited about having real arcade windows,nothin...

i was talking about the 31 KHz arcade VGA wont limit anything..i play pc games all the time..somtimes look very very way to explain unless you go buy one..anyone has one will tell you the same things..and for console games.there is no can use any console if you get a card that has av input..and the best one of all should be dreamcast on vga arcade monitor..MY just have no idea how it looks...its nothing you have seen before..and vga box only cost like $15 everywhere..and ATI RAGE FURY PRO has av input so you can hook up other consoles that dont output vga signal.its look good enough.but make sure you buy the vga box for dreamcast..good luck building.. ;)


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