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Logitech driving force delay in mame when steering

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Hi all i have a logitech dirving force, treied it with various emu such as model2, demul etc and the steering is very fine and precise. in mame however there is some "delay" when turning it, even by cranking up the sensibility (both in game and in the logitech profiler) to maximum, the wheel needs to turn at leas 45  degrees before the car actually starts turningm this makes playing games impossible. i tired california speed, cruisn' usa and outrun all with same results

My Fanatec CSL DD does the same thing.   Its something in MAME that I haven't figured out yet.

seems like it can be fixed by putting "joystick eazone" to 0 in mameui.

problem is now the pedals...they don't press all the way only up to a half of it even if i am slamming on them

Read the sticked driving cab info thread.  I know it's old, but that is a basic thing it covers.

Default deadzone in MAME is 30%. lol
Saturation also needs increased to 1 (100%).
(Saturation is how far the wheel is turned before MAME sees it as being turned all the way.  If set to .5, you'll only have to turn it half as far and turning it further makes no difference.)

A steering wheel can't change direction as fast as an analog thumbstick, so most console games you have to decrease the saturation or restrict the wheel movement to 150-180 in profiler.  In some rare cases emulators have an option to act as if an original wheel controller is present if one was available.

There is also usually an original emulated service (F2) menu that the wheel and pedals need calibrated in.  Analog control games aren't like plain joystick games where you can just plug in the controller and play the games, at least not without the controls sucking.


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