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Logitech driving force delay in mame when steering

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--- Quote from: BadMouth on February 20, 2024, 04:03:28 pm ---A steering wheel can't change direction as fast as an analog thumbstick, so most console games you have to decrease the saturation or restrict the wheel movement to 150-180 in profiler.

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I was trying to find console games worth putting on the driving cabinets a few weekends ago.   After messing with a bunch of PS1 and PS2 games, I came to the conclusion that there really aren't any worth playing.  Even the ones that support wheels (like Grand Turismo).

There might be something better in the XBOX 360 / PS3 era, but emulation there is still evolving. 


--- Quote from: BadMouth on February 20, 2024, 04:04:54 pm ---There is also usually an original emulated service (F2) menu that the wheel and pedals need calibrated in.  Analog control games aren't like plain joystick games where you can just plug in the controller and play the games, at least not without the controls sucking.

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yes but in this case it happens with all the other emulated games. see, if i choose this in the windows settings of the wheel
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where every axis is separated (as suggested on many guides), i can assign them separately on games like so
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where one is called accellerator and the other brake, but if i do it like so, the accellerator will only get up to half of the actual speed of the car, even if i smash the pedal to the fullest (please note that in the test program in windows to calibrate etc, the pedals reach the full speed with no issues, so the problem must be in mame or other emulators).

If, on the other hand, I assign them as a unique axis, they won't be recognized as pedal 1 and 2 analog AT ALL, they are just not seen in the game when i press them. they only come up as these
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and only if i choose INC (which i know is wrong and shouldn't be chosen). But if i do it this way, it works, in the sense that i keep pressed the pedal and will slowly reach up the full speed of the car. of course if i leave the foot off the accellerator will keep on accelerate for a while :D

So this doesn't seems one the issue that can be solved from the typical f2 menu, considering that when i was playing with a joypad, the triggers already reached full speed without having toi calibrate anything on the test menu of the games themselves

Does the gas still behave that way if you don't map the brake? 
(wondering if you are being slowed down because MAME is applying the brake along with the gas)

Not a proper fix, but if MAME sees the gas as only halfway down lowering the saturation to .5 might make it consider that fully depressed.


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