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update I was able to get it to boot. When i picked up the machine from the seller and I got it home it actually went to a different error message every time. It would stop on ALSA for ALSA.
That I feel is related to a sound driver but others tell me it is a known motherboard issue on boot. If I reboot it will work maybe 1 out of 3 boots. Once it boots past that part it fine to play. Someone said to check comos battery and set date and time. The cmos battery was completely dead. After replacing battery and setting proper date/time it has booted up every singel time!!!

Hey guys I was wondering if anyone knows if there is actual support/service for the JVL echo touchscreen from the company or any authorized service centers. All I see are owners requesting help on fixing the units themselves and no information on service centers. The company's website only offers email support which they do not answer at all. Very disappointing and unacceptable for a company that sells expensive products. Only the fan comes on my unit and the screen briefly flashes a no sign message that disappears after a few seconds. Hardly use the unit as I bought it for my man cave, so I am disappointed its malfunctioning under light use. There is a counter inside the back of the unit that reads 30 so I am guessing that's the total number of hours it has been used. Any help/suggestions will be much appreciated. Thank you.

not really. the machines where made by a company (JVL) who has since shifted their focus from "arcade" to "gaming" IE casino gambling type stuff. i'm not sure you would receive any support from them for their old products, since they are considered "end of life".

luckily the touch hardware is standard off the shelf parts right from 3M and other used cabinet parts are available on sites like ebay.

That said, your machine screen flashing up for a second then going away after a few seconds sounds like the backlight inverter for the LCD has gone bad.

you can confirm this by shining a very bright light into the front of the screen and see if you can see any image back there... (see pic)

if this is indeed the case, you can retrofit a universal backlight inverter that is available on places like ebay and amazon for about 20 bucks. you can quick and dirty wire them up to 12 volts and ground and plug in the lamps and let 'er buck. (it's quick and dirty, but you have no backlight brightness adjustment) if you want a more plug and play solution, check out they have taken it upon themselves to recreate CCFL inverters for all kinds of products like unsupported POS systems and whatnot... they are making products using superior parts and improved cooling to last much longer than the original parts. you can even send them a pic of your inverter and/or a part number and they can get you one that will just plug right in to the original wire harnesses. they are more expensive, (about 50 on the low side, up to 100+ bucks) but you are paying for that easy peasy plug and play experience and the longevity of the product. I'm not a moniserve or lcdpart shill, I have just used them to replace really REALLY specific monitor parts.

alternatively, convert it to LED... not for the faint of heart, as you risk permanent damage of your panel.

if your machine's LCD screen is staying "on", it's going black with no text/graphics...  it's just not booting up properly. you'd be best served creating a new thread with your issue and details.


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