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Have a JVL Echo and it boots to "sysem upgrade" message and does not go any further. Would anyone know what is wrong with the machine?
I am hoping maybe the software is corupt

Post screenshot

a screenshot of what it actually displays would be most helpful.

you can try and do a factory reload/rest by holding down the service button while you power it on and wait for the option screen to come on. (1 to 3 mins)

it may work, it may not. could bork the whole thing if it's corrupted enough, requiring a fresh reload with factory cd or drive image.

I don't think he's coming back but the solution was to reinstall the software


--- Quote from: Megatouchmike on November 27, 2023, 10:45:19 pm ---I don't think he's coming back

--- End quote ---

it happens.

the number of times i've posted a question somewhere....and forgotten where it was so i could check back later is.... a lot... only to randomly stumble across it searching for a place to ask again months or years down the road after id decided to tackle the project again.


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