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for RCPS3 , you need to launch demulshooter after game is load
Look on the demushooter
best way is an ahk with a sleep after RCPS3 is launch ( time is depending of your computer )

Still waiting on my second gun and alien extermination poster.

Front end now complete.
All games linked to guns with recoil (except wii)


--- Quote from: ant2 on November 18, 2023, 05:54:20 am ---Still waiting on my second gun and alien extermination poster.

Front end now complete.
All games linked to guns with recoil (except wii)

--- End quote ---

Great work, you move fast!

The rest of my gun parts arrived. Sadly the bolts and plates were bent but I managed to get them looking OK and assembled the guns. The hardest part was working out how the spring sat in the gun for the trigger.

Completed a quick test yesterday, using Aliens Extermination first of course. I got several other games running through Teknoparrot, including House of the Dead 4, which works pretty well with a positional gun once configured;

If you are able to share your config files once ready, it would be a massive help for me!

I will start building a cabinet in 3-4 weeks. It will likely be a full integrated unit and not a pedestal.


wow, nice arcade room. Good job on putting those guns together, I am quite glad mine came complete.
I am still waiting for my second gun, been 3 weeks so far. My first one came in just over a week.

Attaching the mamehooker files , joy2key and rom AHK scripts here. These are what took an age. Everything hooks via demulshooter.
Really wish others had shared there configurations as it takes so long. PM me if there is anything else you need

For some reason mamehooker switches between creating/reading the "mame" directory and "supermodel" directory for me. i.e teknoparrot may start saving files in the "supermodel" directory.
I just copied the files to both directories to get round that issue.

For the mamehooker configurations where you see "keystates":
Y=nll |ghd 1 &H04B4 &H6870 2 &h02:&h01
U=nll |ghd 2 &H04B4 &H6870 2 &h02:&h01

You will need to map the gun trigger via joy2key to "Y" for player 1 and "U" to player2. This then means any time Y or trigger is pressed, the keystates within mamehooker sends the recoil motion to the gun.
This is done this way because some of the games recoil outputs don't work/are not consistent etc and this is how to get round it.

Keep us updated on your build.

Thanks very much for the files,

I spent about 2hrs on this last night and managed to get Transformers and HOTD4 running with recoil and gun lights. I'll admit, this was a frustrating experience as its a bit complicated, instructions/info is limited and I had no experience with Mamehooker or Demulshooter before. But once I understood how all this worked together, its relatively straight forward. All the AHK files need to be altered as the paths in your AHK's are based on that Biohazard PC build and don't match my file locations. But that's easy enough to sort.

One other oddity that confused me. When testing the Aliens guns in Demulshooter, the crosshairs would not reach either side of the box, which limited the gun range in game. I then figured out that you can override the analog guns value in the Demulshooter drop down option. However after I saved the new values, the range in the demulshooter test didn't change. But once I start a game through the AHK file, the crosshairs reach the full limits of the screen, so all good.

I'll keep plugging away and look to finalize the computer side of things before starting on the cabinet around Xmas time.



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