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It takes ages, especially when things don't work properly and you are not sure why. Things like missing visual libraries, not in admin mode, files being read from different locations etc.
Running the wrong demulshooter exe, running with incorrect flags/systems
I got the hang of it after some grueling hours..

You could always just download the biohazard build?

Yes, for the guns, calibrate in windows, then demulshooter,  then use the analog control overrides for the limits and i get full range.
Then some games will need to be calibrated within the service menu before they work.

The only thing I haven't done, that can be, is we can modify the rear gun output for each game. I.e in alien extermination it states ammo left, for one of the model2 games i modified it for remaining life (as ammo is unlimited).
If someone gets the time to adjust each of those in mamehooker ini files, then please upload. The issue is if we try and add a function that is incorrect/not supported it can crash the game.

If you find any other games that work well that I haven't got configured please let me know!
I am pretty impressed with the guns, they are really fun and work very well with the games I've configured.
 Hoping my second gun may arrive by next week...

After waiting 6 weeks for my second gun, it never arrived and was apparently returned to sender.
Was a lot of back and forth with seller and ali express, eventually got a partial refund, excluding shipping (shipping was  35).
Ordered another one and it finally arrived.

Another thing I really hate is the lack of usb binding in windows 10.
 Because i built the cabinet on my main pc, i have several mice,  keyboards etc and when taking it downstairs to play on the tv i could never get the same plugin order.
Ended up reconfiguring all the emulators.  Mame i set up the mapping to physical devices.

Really happy with the set up, but was very time consuming figuring everything out!

Thanks for info

How to fix the USB devices from moving around:
Within mame you can hardset the gun orders using "devicemap" - so I did that.
<mameconfig version="10">
   <system name="default">

      <!-- X-Arcade Version 1.0 input configuration file -->

      device="Generic   USB  Joystick   product_00060079-0000-0000-0000-504944564944 instance_e2d070b0-7e62-11ee-8001-444553540000"
      controller="JOYCODE_1" />
      device="XinYeDigital product_687004b4-0000-0000-0000-504944564944 instance_62a17e60-7d5f-11ee-8001-444553540000"
      controller="JOYCODE_2" />
      device="XinYeDigital product_687004b4-0000-0000-0000-504944564944 instance_ffd1f1c0-a644-11ee-8001-444553540000"
      controller="JOYCODE_3" />



For the other emulators there is no way of binding them. I got my labeller and printed the following on each of my USB's "gun1,gun2,cabinet,keyboard". I then put them in the order gun1,gun2,cabinet in to my front ports (this is just easier for me) and then usb keyboard in the back. I then configured everything i.e all the emulators,demulshooter, making sure mamehooker was sending to the right gun etc. Then that's it. just make sure you start your PC or plug in everything in that same order.
The bigger issue for me is that I am using my main PC and unplugging it from my desk and bringing it downstairs just to play.
IF you have it housed inside a permanent cabinet then i'd buy a USB hub, this way each of the ports will be powered on in the same sequence and never change from initial set up.


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