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RPI 5 now at pre-sale. today.

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What is really stupid is that for me it isn't even size limitations as this is stuff going into full size cabinets.
Presently it is just these vector machines that are making me nuts but I haven't ventured into any other realm with a Pi since I am failing thus far.

I need to spend some time with a PC and see if I can make AdvanceMame run on one.

And I would say that I would just stick with a Pi for vector emulation if the 5 is fast enough but I continue to have control configuration issues even for the games that do appear to run full speed.

There may be a certain class of games that the Pi is juicy enough for, but it certainly can't handle everything you can think of and I know some people have success with them but I am not getting any love.

--- Quote from: lilshawn on October 05, 2023, 03:39:19 pm ---pretty much. i've thrown away computers more capable than a pi.

if you require it to be small form factor.. go pi... but if size isn't a constraint... you cant beat an actual computer in terms of power to price.

--- End quote ---

DaOld Man:
Does the new RPi5 have an atx style shutdown built in?


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