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RPI 5 now at pre-sale. today.

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so no onboard mass storage module (i forget what it's called) but reported to be twice as fast as an rpi4.
4gb model $60
8gb module $80

You meant onboard eMMC ? Yeah, pity the Pi is still not compatible with that kind of storage.

i think pi has lost focus as to what it was originally really designed to be.

a super cheap, throw away computer... that teaches about computer sciences and programming in schools. if a kid fried one... who cares. chuck it and give him a new one... he learned a lesson.

the pi as it is is no longer that.

i mean, i get that the Pi zeros and picos is still super cheap... but how long before they get as bloated as the pi5 and starts costing 50 or 100 bucks? already hovering at close to 20 now with the zero2w and its due for another release soon... the OG pi only took 2 releases to hit 80 bucks

i also get that what pis are currently used for has gone far beyond what pi foundation had expected and they have altered their product line to reflect what the people are looking for, which is great! i mean, we don't get that from a lot of companies these days.

but i also get that for 80 bucks you could damn near buy a REAL computer and not a crippled down version of one.

You know the drill....

Does it play Gauntlet Legends 100%??

if i'm paying 80 bones for it... i wanna know if it will play crysis.


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