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Cruis n usa and Cruis n World (MAME) link 2 players?

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I donít have a manual option in my Crusn World so I will have to check that out.

I added custom race leader code to Crusn USA and Cruisín World. As soon as these are linkable I will make sure the code works for two (or 4 for World) players. I will post the code tomorrow in case anyone else wants to do this for games that donít support it back in the day.

Just in case a Mame developer or people working on Crusn link mode see this forum post, I noticed that the dip switch settings in the Mame tab menu show question marks for the dip switch related to link lan mode. I looked at the manual and the dip switch 6 is the link lan mode and dip switch 7 is not used even though Mame acts like it may be a lan option. Dip switch 8 is the master/slave switch though.



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