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which router / slotting bit do I need for 1/2" tmolding?

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I'd prefer a full size 1.75HP router over that compact 1HP one, but the slot is so thin and it's a good brand router so it would most likely be fine.

Maybe someone who has actually used a compact router for something other than laminate will chime in.

I use my one hand Milwaukee battery driven compact one for most things that don't benefit from a fence on the router table (which has a full size Bosch in it.)

It works great for T-mold slotting.
Even better when you plug a vac into it and don't have to eat all of the shavings.

A bit late but +1 for 1/16" on the slot cutter. I've always used the recommendations from

Here it shows that for both 1/2 and 3/4 you want 1/16:

Yonico Router Bits Slotting Cutter 1/16-Inch 1/4-Inch Shank 12101q

this didnt fit

the arbor piece doesnt actually go in. its too thick. any other recommendations?

maybe I need to get this and the slot cutter separate?


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