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which router / slotting bit do I need for 1/2" tmolding?

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Yeah, there are different diameter arbors.
If you wound up with the right thickness slot cutter order yourself the right arbor.
Is there not a hardware store near you that you can just go pick one up?
The big box joints tend to have those tools too even if you don't have anything like WoodCraft nearby.

i got home depot and lowes..somehow didnt bother to check either lol  :banghead:

why would they even make a router that cant use standard bits every other router uses........

id there was yelp for this id literally got be a karen about it :lol

Full size routers have a 1/2" collet but typically come with an adapter or an entire other collet to use 1/4" diameter arbors and bit shafts also.

Smaller hand held routers are invariably the 1/4" ones based on size of the whole tool.

Need to buy what fits the tool you want to use is all.

I have an assortment of this stuff but for the most part 1/4" stuff suits this hobby at least, especially as I do most things with a hand held router these days.

If you have a router table with a full size 1HP tool then it merits having 1/2" diameter bits and arbors.

You have a good choice of router there with the Colt for this task. That router has a 1.4" collet so you need a slot cutter with a 1/4" shank.


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