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Is this forum dying?

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And you of course are absolutely correct.
More young blood will help!
I'm getting crustier all the time.

--- Quote from: nipsmg on March 07, 2023, 01:58:07 pm ---I think a lot of us have slowed down a bit with the hobby, and the crappy Arcade 1-ups “scratch the itch” for enough people that the hobby itself has slowed dramatically.  I think this place is and will always be the #1 source for info for this hobby, but it’s just not as active as it was and I expect it to keep trending in that direction.

--- End quote ---

There are a lot of factors, the biggest one is likely that the people who grew up with arcades have moved on with their lives.  I dont restore games or make mame cabs anymore, creaky bones and having a kid make it an impossibility. I still pop in here on occasion but before I can reply someone else has already posted something they googled instead of anything resembling experience. There are also other issues and bugs that have been reported and never fixed (like the HTTPS thing and the false positives on image uploads) but really its just that the hobby is aging out.

kids these days and their newfangled smartphones. you go to a bar these days... everyone has their head down in their phone scrolling instagram or some crap... nobody is talking. playing falppy birdz or kingdom ledgends or tankamajigger  or whatever game of the day is.

you wanna scroll insta and play on your phone and drink, crap... you can do that at home.

and so they do.

go to the mall? get takeout? pfft... that shizz comes to the door now. don't even have to leave the couch.

why spend money to play at the arcades... i can play all the games on my phone right now for free.

---steaming pile of meadow muffin---, you wann play dos games? do it in your browser dawg. dont even need to install dosbox or nothin.

arcade is basically dead. the people that remain are here to learn the thing they do...then leave.

sure there is 5000 users registered here (or whatever number there is) but like 20 of us come somewhat regularly... and only brows a handfull of the subforums.

it's not the site that's dying... it's the interest of the people that died.

The supply of cabs and arcade monitors isn't what it used to be either. It's a lot harder to get started in this hobby than it was 20 years ago.

Mike A:,166844.0.html

Yeah. Arcade monitors are just unobtainum now.



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