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Is this forum dying?

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--- Quote from: Mike A on March 09, 2023, 09:52:10 pm ---,166844.0.html

Yeah. Arcade monitors are just unobtainum now.


--- End quote ---

Well, just rub it in already!

The crew who have been in this hobby since the get-go have been doing it for decades and that's a long time for any hobby.

The things that really keep a hobby like this going are the friendships you build, reasons why get togethers like Mike has and Zapcon and all the others are actually really important.
They keep the fire lit for the old guard and then occassionally people who stumble onto the events wind up obsessed with it all too.
This hobby is maturing and aging like all others do.

but i don want it to die ,  :banghead:  ima build as many games as i can for the rest of my life, maybe in the future it will pick up againg, or at least maybe one of my grand or grand grand sons will have a working mame arcade game....i hope.


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