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So I've been threatening to make/build/buy a consolized gba solution for quite a while now.   For the longest time I thought I gameboy player would be the way to go but recent mods made me re-think that.   So the plan is to build a super gba with hdmi out and a switch-like dock allowing me to use an external gamepad.   The plan of attack is pretty straight forward.   I figured I would start with a piece of crap that nobody would get pissy if I ruined so I recently bought this:

I am watching this thread with great interest.


The screen mod I'm going to buy comes with a replacement shell, so I really don't care how beat up and nasty it is.   I'll have to wait until it comes in to get the pin count but the plan is to install one of these lcd upgrade/hdmi out mods:

Pixel perfect hdmi upgrade, a replacement shell and hdmi out for 60 bucks.... can't beat that price.

I also plan to install this mod that allows for external gamepads:

30 bucks and you have snes/mini console/wii and wiiu out.   Again you can't beat the price for what it does.

I also want to put a bow on the whole thing by making a custom wireless gamepad that fits inside a gba shell so that the feel is perfect.   This one might take a bit more work as I haven't found a ready made solution but it doesn't seem like it'd take too much hacking to make. 

No updates as of yet.   Waiting on parts to arrive from the slow boat from China.   I got the gba itself... it works and it looks every bit as nasty as in the pics.   Fortunately the buttons are ok and that's all I'll be using as the mod comes with a new shell.  I found an updated version of the usb-c dock that offers battery protection, is fully compatible with my screen mod of choice, and will recharge a lipo battery back.  So yeah, I got that one instead and I may add a lipo battery to the mod list.   More updates as the parts arrive.

So the lcd mod came in.  The good news is the new screen works great and hdmi out works fine.   The bad news is the batteries go dead in about 5 minutes when playing a game on my 60 inch tv.   Thankfully the dock will fix this issue as it'll power the console when docked.   I'll post picks later in the week when I get a chance.   


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