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Making SEGA Genesis cartridges

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We all knew where this was going.  Starts with a Genesis II and MK2 from ginger brother Malenko and soon youíre buying bulk lots of sports games for the shells and PCBs.

It was time to dust off my rigged desoldering iron.  Some time in the fireplace got the clog cleared.

The squeeze bulb was removed, hosing was zip tied to it, itís hooked to a shop vac I pulled from a dumpster.  The shop vac is controlled with a foot switch (continuous air keeps the tip too cold).  Every 3 dozen pins or so, you switch the hose to the exhaust port and blow everything out.  Then to really freak you out, let me inform you I donít have any flux laying around so I used rendered hog lard.   :lol

Where it all went down.

Canít argue with the results.

I did so many of them (12) that I started timing myself.  I could open the shell and pop the rom in less than 5 minutes by the end of it.

Stay tunedÖ.

Nice one PBJ. I like your vac setup for the desoldering, very creative. As you know, these jobs get easier in batches, once you get your technique and rhythm going.

This setup is awesome.
Never would've imagined swine lube could be useful that way.


--- Quote from: bobbyb13 on March 14, 2022, 12:37:24 am ---This setup is awesome.
Never would've imagined swine lube could be useful that way.

--- End quote ---

Yeah, its great you can find a common thread between your passions, James. You are checking off a lot of trademark PBJ with meat byproduct soldering flux.  :cheers:

What is even going on here?  Are you swapping out PCBs from the crappy sports games or something?


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