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As an additional hobby, I make two piece custom pool cues.  The best finish is a UV system, cost thousands to set up.  Many cue makes use automotive clear coat for the final finish.

I, use a brand of CA called Glu Boost for the finish coat.  Yes, I use super glue as a finish.


--- Quote from: BadMouth on May 14, 2021, 06:45:50 am ---This has been coming up in my feed for weeks, but I refused to watch it asssuming it was just some overpriced audiophile BS.  Thanks for the nudge to actually watch it.

--- End quote ---

I'm new here, just starting to plan a build and stumbled on this post. Just wanted to say the pic in your signature already fixed one mistake I probably would have made. I'm planning a 4-player pedestal build & in my head I was already going to do it wrong, lol. Thanks

Absolute fine work, I hope to do something along these lines some day


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