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I doubt anyone here will watch this entire video, but if you want to see some top class woodwork then sit back and enjoy.  This is what gets OND drooling.  It's not 'over engineered' construction it's simply a design being executed at the highest level resulting in something really beautiful.  *Side note.  Check the use of 3 coats of automotive clear coat in the surface finishing.  Inspirational.

I will watch this evening for sure.

My word, that thing looks like it is floating in an inch of water.

Absolutely unreal

Watch it? Oh hells yeah. I love nothing more then watch restoration and build videos.

Good watch. He definitely has gathered some good techniques that work well for him. I don't think I could get myself to ever buy a 5k tonearm or cartridge, but if I ever stumble across a quality turntable that needs a plinth upgrade, I can start here for inspiration.

This has been coming up in my feed for weeks, but I refused to watch it asssuming it was just some overpriced audiophile BS.  Thanks for the nudge to actually watch it.


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